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Functional home decorating on a dime!

Its been nearly 1 year since we moved into our new home and let me tell you what isn’t done yet.

I have not painted a darn thing. My walls are still stuck with contractor paint that is honestly making my soul itch when I walk in the house. The kid and animal marks are starting to be evident everywhere and if you wipe them, you get down to dry wall. Second, I have piles of “stuff” that must be cleaned up on the back porch. Its totally amazing how a summer of fun can turn into a winter of mess as the toys and outdoor activities start to collect in one area of the yard as its abandoned for the year.

Basically right now I must enter this spring with two things in mind: Clean up and Decorate. 

Now decorating, while fun, can often be an expensive adventure. We recently had to get Phoenyx a “big boy” bed and that simple change cost $1300 with the bed and mattresses- and that wasn’t even a top of the line situation. It was just a bed. So swallowing real decorating? Lets just say I fear I may be in the “no paint, no decor” phase for a long time.

Even so, there are a few personalizations I can do on a dime. Sauder recently hosted a blogger challenge to take a piece of inexpensive furniture and showcase it in your home and I took that challenge. When I saw this set of GORGEOUS GORGEOUS teal chairs I knew I had to use them.

We have a built in desk in our kitchen.

cubby area

For the space I also added a simple sticky wall mural (pointing out again, we have not painted, so atleast it prettied up the space). Originally it started out clean, but of course, that time passed as we lived here longer.


Unfortunately this built in has kinda become a “gathering of all things”.We put the pool items there, Charlottes homework, towels, pencils, you name it and it gets transferred to that cubby.


I decided to clean it up for this challenge and make it a cute work space that is not only functional, but has a pop of color with our beautiful new chairs.

After experimenting, we found a nice way to set up the space.  I added a mini cubby to hold pencils, papers and small books, a nice frame and plant that does not need to be watered, a lamp because the area tends to get super dark as the day goes on, and a diffuser to keep everyone stress free.



Now that we have a chair there, the kids are using it for what its intended for- as a desk area. They sit and play with the ipad, draw, and do homework.

Remember that you can see all the beautiful and inexpensive pieces by heading over to Sauder website here or following along on future design ideas in your favorite social avenue: Sauder Pinterest, Sauder Facebook, or Sauder Twitter!

You can also see my new space as well as other amazing spaces that bloggers have created to inspire your home in the Sauder Lookbook. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.