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5 Glitter Gak Recipes that will Blow Your Mind

Slime and homemade glitter gak is all the rage and why not? Its absolutely out of this world fun and with so many ways to create the perfect slime, goop, gak, and ick, its a scientific DIY that is rooted in learning and FUN. Here on MomDot, I host a variety of absolutely amazing slimes. From striped to glitter, the homemade slime recipes are just a minute away from being a massive slime bubble full of giggles in your house. But I am not the only blogger with fun recipes, so here are a few that you should visit to get your slime on!

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Learn how to make slime here! I made this super short video to show you how to make slime and see some of the stages! Check it out~

5 Glitter Gak Recipes that will Blow Your Mind

1) Glitter Gak

Gorgeous blue and glitter gak, perfect for super squishy fun. Visit Lil’Luna for this super awesome recipe.


2) Multi-colored Glitter Gak

I not only love the beautiful bright colors that The 36th Avenue used, but adore her super fun slime monsters as well. Soak up this idea and get your glitter on with this fun recipe. PIN IT HERE


3) Smelly Gak

Enjoy this oh-so-sweet glittery gak along with the lovely scent of essential oils. See what Stephanie Blue cooked up to create an out of this world slime that everyone will love.


4) Homemade Glitter Gak

Our own recipe here on MomDot, also includes a fun way to make homemade slime bubbles! Get this homemade glitter gak recipe right here.


5) Homemade Flarp

I love the name that Mandy’s Recipe box came up with her homemade gak/flarp! This purple gak is totally awesome!



Fluffy Slime

(Sugar, Spice & Glitter) : Check out Jennifers awesome fluffy slime – without liquid borax. Just add glitter and some secret ingredients for some fun!

5 Homemade Gak Recipes that will Blow your Mind: Glitter Gak is SO much fun


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