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Amazing Sidewalk Art

Have you ever seen Amazing Sidewalk Art? Its so lifelike and looks like its in 3d!

I have been in New Orleans and seen some pretty awesome works of art, all done from chalk. Julian Beever puts my 6 year old to shame…hahahahha.

But really, the talent out there is spectacular. Here are some amazing sidewalk art pictures so lifelike they will blow your mind! Here are three fantastic collections to follow this artist!

Have you ever seen one of these in person?

Follow Donna Staten’s board Street Art- Julian Beever on Pinterest.

Follow Lisa Fernandez’s board Julian Beever on Pinterest.

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8 thoughts on “Amazing Sidewalk Art”

  1. These are AMAZING!!!!! These artist do not get half the credit they deserve! Their work is just beautiful!!!!! I wish I had half the talent that these people have!!!

  2. They are all so realistic, it makes you believe that you can interact with them. I wish I could draw as good as them.

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