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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

Kids today have their eyes on screens more often than most of us did as children. Many have cell phones, computers, TVs, and other gaming systems that emit what’s called “blue light”. Protecting little eyes as they grow and mature is important in the time we’re living in now. So, what are the best blue light blocking glasses for kids?

In this article, we’ll give our top 5 favorite choices and what we love about each of them.

Do Kids Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses have been widely talked about over the last few years. Many adults have begun using them to help with headaches and late-night restlessness. With so many parents benefitting from them, you may be curious if your child needs their own pair.

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses have a specific lens that protects your eyes from the harsh blue light that’s emitted from most screens.

The Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Just like adults, children’s eyes can be affected by this blue light. Below are some of the main benefits of children using blue-light-blocking glasses.

Kids May Be Able to Fall Asleep More Easily

When your eyes pick up light, it signals to your brain that it’s daylight. Spending time looking at a phone, computer, or television screen can make kids feel more alert.

While doing away with TV or phones before bed is an option, blue light glasses can still come in handy. Blue light glasses can help kids fall asleep, even if they need to catch up on homework while using their computer.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Reduce Eye Strain 

Blue light can make it challenging to focus on screens, making kids’ eyes feel strained while trying to concentrate. The blue-light-blocking glasses can increase the contrast, allowing their little eyes to focus and reduce eye strain.

Possible Reduced Risk For Eye Diseases

While your cornea is good at blocking out harmful UV light, it cannot block blue light. When blue light goes through your cornea and eye lens, it can cause damage to the retina.

Kids who routinely look at screens may have an increased risk of developing macular degeneration, which is one of the leading causes of blindness. By simply wearing blue-light-blocking glasses, they can keep blue light from damaging the retina.

They Can Help Reduce Headaches

If your little one routinely gets headaches, it may be caused by excessive light. While any light can cause headaches, blue light especially can worsen migraine pain and trigger headaches.

Wearing blue light glasses may help them if they get regular headaches, especially if they spend a lot of time on screens.

How We Chose the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

We searched for the best blue light blocking glasses for kids based on the criteria below:

  • Transparency – Some companies make claims that are unrealistic about the benefits of their glasses versus other brands. We wanted to focus on blue light blocking glasses that provide real benefits.
  • Reviews – We wanted to make sure that each item on this list had mostly positive reviews and that the customers felt like the blue light blocking glasses did what they said they did.
  • Features – There are some small features that may be the decision-maker, such as flexibility or a glasses rope.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids Reviews

1. Okany 3 Pack Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Gaming Computer Gamer Glasses...
  • 【Kids blue light blocking...
  • 【Soft and...
  • 【Clear and No distortion】5A Space...
  • 【Eco-friendly and Anti-allergic】We...
  • 【WORRY-FREE SREVICES】100% risk-free...

These blue light glasses are lightweight and flexible, making them comfortable resting on little ears. The frames weigh about half the weight of plastic glasses while being extra durable.

With kids, you want to be sure that their glasses won’t break the second they fall off. These are shock-resistant so you won’t need to worry about buying a new pair every time they land on the floor.

Children can use these long-term comfortably and safely. There’s no glare or distortion, and they’ll block 100% of harmful blue rays and provide 98% transmittance.


  • Shock-resistant and won’t break upon falling
  • Comfortably made for children
  • Comes with 3 pairs to go with any child’s personal style or to use as backups
  • Children can clearly see through them without any distortion or glare


  • There’s no glasses rope, so they may fall off and could potentially get lost

2. DYLB 2 Pack Computer and Gaming Glasses

DYLB Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses girls boys 2 pack,...
  • [Kids Blue Light Blocking Protection]...
  • [Reduce Eyestarin,Better Life] Long time...
  • [Clear Transparent TR90 Frame] The Novel...
  • [LightWeight,Unbreakable] DYLB kids anti...
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantted]If you are...

These fashionable little glasses will look great on either a boy or girl who’s particular about their accessories. While the look and style may not seem like a huge deal, children are more likely to wear them if they like the look of them.

Children can wear these when using their tablets, computers, playing video games, and even watching TV. With regular wear, you may notice your kid falling asleep more easily at night, allowing them to concentrate better on school.

The lightweight TR90 material is comfortable for kids to wear all day without soreness from long-time wear. Along with the 2 pairs of glasses, you get a glasses cloth, 2 pouches, a blue ray test card, and blue ray tester to ensure their quality.


  • Comes with two pairs to use as a primary pair and a backup pair
  • Lightweight and durable and won’t break if they fall off
  • You can test them out with the blue ray tester and test card to ensure quality before use


  • These are mainly suited for children ranging in ages 3-10, so may not fit every child

3. Penbea Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Penbea Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Blue Light Glasses...
  • 【Blue Light Blocking Glasses Protect...
  • 【Reduce Eyestrain and Reduce Myopia...
  • 【TR90 Material, High-Quality...
  • 【Super Cute Design】Penbea kids...
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】If you...

With the Penbea Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, you can feel better knowing your child will have less strain on their eyes, despite all the screen time. There are several colors to choose from, allowing your kid to feel like they’re choosing a personalized accessory that they can’t wait to wear.

These frames aren’t only durable to falls, but the lenses are scratch-resistant. They’re small enough to be comfortable but large enough to cover a large field of vision.

They come in a protective film so no need to worry about cleaning the smudges off while grabbing them out of the box. You also get a carrying case and microfiber cloth so they can stay clean.


  • Scratch-resistant and durable for even the clumsiest of kids
  • Several color options that just about every child will love
  • Spring-loaded temples make these glasses comfortable for most head shapes


  • They may be too big for smaller kids. These are recommended for kids ages 7-12

4. AZorb Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses With Unbreakable Frame

AZorb Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2 Pack Unbreakable...
  • CUTE DESIGN -- AZORB Children glasses...
  • PRODUCT SIZE -- Lens width:45mm (1.77")...

AZorb Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a great option for moms of toddlers. These are on the smaller side, so older children may not be able to wear them comfortably.

Made with toddlers in mind, these glasses are virtually indestructible. You can bend them, twist them, or drop them without any breakage.

They feature soft, skin-friendly nose pads that easily adapt to each child’s nose shape. Each pair of blue light glasses comes with a protective pouch as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • Can bend without getting broken
  • Protect against harmful blue light
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • Cute, fashionable, and come in a variety of colors that will make each child excited to wear them


  • On the smaller end of sizing, so may not fit older children

5. Aeiyezo Flexible Square Eyeglasses Frame with Glasses Rope Ages 3-10

For even the most rambunctious kids, these eyeglasses will stay put with the glasses rope it comes with. The rope can be removed, so even if you only want to use it here and there, it’s optional.

Aeiyezo states that these glasses have a double lens that will block out 99% of harmful blue light, keeping your child’s eyes protected while being able to see clearly. They have years of experience in eyeglass production and have worked hard to perfect these blue light glasses for kids.

Some similar blue-light-blocking glasses will emit a glare, which can cause some discomfort. With these, there’s no glare, and your child will barely realize they’re wearing glasses.


  • Has a removable rope to keep eyeglasses put when needed
  • Are extremely durable, even when stepped on
  • Comfortable and no glare so your child can wear them easily without fatigue


  • They’re a little pricier than some other options

Best Blue Light Glasses For Kids FAQ

Q: What should I do if my child doesn’t want to wear blue light blocking glasses?

A: For a child who’s hesitant to wear glasses, it can be challenging to know what to do. Below are some tips to help encourage children to wear blue light blocking glasses.

Tips to encourage a kid to wear blue light blocking glasses:

  • Let your child choose their favorite color frame.
  • Show them people they admire who love to wear glasses.
  • Start with having them wear the glasses 10-15 minutes a day, and increase the time from there.
  • Ensure that the glasses fit properly and try other options if they don’t.

It may take time for your child to fully come around and love wearing their new glasses. By letting them feel like they have an option in which glasses they wear and starting out small, they’ll feel like they have a choice (even if the choice isn’t whether or not they have to wear them).

Q: How often should children wear blue light blocking glasses?

A: Each child has a different routine than the next. Some children may spend more time screen time than others, so it really depends on your kid.

When it’s important for children to wear blue light blocking glasses:

  • While using a computer
  • Using a smartphone or tablet
  • When watching television

The most important time to wear blue light blocking glasses is any time children have their eyes on a screen. While some sunlight exposure is good, it still emits harmful UV light that most blue-light-blocking glasses can reduce.

As long as your child is comfortable, they really cannot wear them too often. In fact, there are harmful LED lights in just about every home, so glasses like these can help with strain from those, as well.

If your child doesn’t want to wear them 100% of the time, that’s perfectly okay, too. Many children do well when starting small. For example, when doing their homework and using a computer, have them get in the routine of wearing their glasses.

After a habit has been established, the family as a whole can enjoy wearing blue light blocking glasses together so your child feels included. After all, everyone can benefit from protecting their eyes.

Final Thoughts

Blue-light-blocking glasses can help reduce eye strain, minimize headaches, and help children fall and stay asleep more easily. The best blue light blocking glasses for kids will be those that your child loves to wear and fits the most comfortably. Have them choose a color or pattern that fits their personal style to give them a sense of control in the decision. Glasses that don’t easily break work great since kids may drop or step on them.

For an extra sense of security, we recommend the Aeiyezo blue-light-blocking glasses because of the glasses rope. No matter which option you go with, you can feel better knowing their little eyes are protected!