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Cotton Candy Champagne : Mom’s Night In

 Recently the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the #1 resort on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, invited Chris and I to experience an “at home wine in a box” to get a little festival at home.

Of course for me, wine translates to champagne (because that’s the kind of drinker I am) and must always accompany a side of Italian.

But first about Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. If you are lucky enough to be from this area, which I am, you already know all about them. On their 2400 acre property you can find yourself in the beauty of the Gulf with its sugar white sands. I grew up on Pensacola Beach just a hop, skip and a jump away from Sandestin and there is little to compare to the resort in your backyard. From gorgeous vacation homes to condos, Sandestin Golf and Beach resort has a rental just for your dreams!

Now back to our house!

While champagne is pretty much perfect on its own, I added a little cotton candy in mine (when the kids were not looking!) to take away some of the bite and make it super sweet.

I even made you a little gif so you get the whole feeling….


cotton candy wine


See…easy peasy!


Add a little Cotton Candy to your Champagne , www.momdot.com


Love, right?


8 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Champagne : Mom’s Night In”

  1. I never can stand the expensive stuff. I guess I have cheap tastes…I like the sweet white wines, also. I haven’t found a red wine I like yet.

  2. I love so many different wines. I guess it just depends on my mood. Most of them at reds and I love going to the local wineries to try them all. Mascato with the cotton candy is so good!

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