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5 Ways E-learning Trumps Traditional learning

In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic, everything has turned topsy-turvy all over the world, and governments are trying to adapt to keep the essential aspects of human life functional. As a result, there has been a lot of debate about how the education of our kids can be continued without exposing them to the virus. On the other hand, conscious parents are adapting by methods like homeschooling or buying children scientific instruments, like the best telescopes, to keep their analytical drive well-honed.

E-learning is one solution to deal with this problem, which is why we have seen an increase in the global popularity of e-learning systems in 2020. We need to understand that e-learning or online distance education is not an inferior alternative to conventional learning because it has many advantages over traditional learning methods. Therefore, we have discussed here five ways e-learning trumps classical learning, so you can start to adapt and give the due importance to e-learning in this uncertain time.

1. Time Flexibility:

E-learning takes the time constraints outside the window as you are not limited to learning in a specific window of time. Therefore, you can choose for yourself the time slot in which your brain works the fastest and have maximum absorption capability. All you need to get going is a good internet connection, which is getting cheaper every day due to the increasing number of service providers around the world.

2. More retention:

Firstly, you are learning various topics according to your preferred time, which means that you can sleep well in the morning, have breakfast in peace, listen to some music and then shift your focus to learning. As a result, you will have more retention as compared to conventional learning, where half the time students are asleep in the classroom.

Secondly, technology is trendy among teenagers, which makes the whole learning process exciting as well provided that the technology is utilized well by the teacher. This excitement leads to students paying more attention to the content and end up having more retention of disseminated knowledge.

3. Easy Storage and Access to the resources:

E-learning is all about expanding your horizons as a learner, and it makes sure that you are not bound by traditional classroom settings where you have to make the notes on the spot so that the taught knowledge is not lost in the air. With e-learning, you can record lessons that can then be watched, and re-watched as many times as students want. Moreover, the learning material is not limited to the books as there are multiple resources on the internet that students can easily access.

4. Self-paced learning:

E-learning courses are mostly chosen by students themselves according to their interests and the time slots available to them. Moreover, the fact that they do not have to adhere to a schedule to take a class makes them self-motivated to pace the course according to their convenience.

5. More Learners’ outreach:

Most of the learners opt-out of our traditional education systems because they are unable to cope with the standard pace of course set by the educational institutions. But, e-learning increases the learners’ outreach as even slow learners engage themselves in the challenging courses because they can now learn according to their own pace. Some online institutions provide videos and resources of different courses for an unlimited time so that the learners can access these resources anytime.