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Christmas Morning Battery Hack

Every year the kids excitedly rip into their presents wondering what is inside. From remote control cars to dolls that walk, the toys get more nad more amazing every year. Unfortunately, they are also lacking a few things- namely, batteries. Every parent on the planet with good intentions has had a disappointed child with a gift they can’t use and no stores open for miles, right on Christmas morning. This year, make sure you don’t forget the batteries! And to help you stock up on all the those Energizer Double AA’s and Triple AAA’s you will need,  Walmart not only has them on rollback but has a coupon to keep your wallet in check too.

Energizer Batteries Coupon

 And after you make your purchase, scan your receipt in your ShopKick app and you’ll earn Kicks through December 2nd. Be sure to take advantage of this offer for a $5 Walmart eGift Card with your purchase!

(Click here if you are looking to get your $5)

Once you have your batteries, make sure Christmas morning is as magical as you want it to be by grabbing an ornament hook and attaching to your tree. Then, when the kids look at you all excited and with wonder, you can look at the tree and say  SANTA REMEMBERED BATTERIES!

It’s a great Christmas morning for ALL of you.



Power Up Your Holiday Toys

Remember, toys and Energizer AA batteries often go hand in hand.  Make sure you shop for them together at Walmart and keep powering up your fun into the new year using #WMKeepsTheFunGoing to share with me your gifts this year.