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Handmade Fashion

Every now and then you just have to do your own thing. Charlotte and I embarked on our own homemade shirts last night.

For this project, we used:

  • 1 child’s shirt ( Hobby Lobby, 50% off, $1.50)
  • 1 adult tank (Hobby Lobby, 50% off, $2.50)
  • 5 fabric paints (Hobby Lobby, .99cents)
  • 1 package of fabric markers, Crayola (Hobby Lobby, $4.99 a pack)
  • 1 cardboard shirt holder (Hobby Lobby, .99cents)

Total for project was $15.00

(tip: Hobby Lobby does 40% off coupons on their site if you check there)


Step #1: Put your child’s shirt inside the cardboard shape to prevent child from leaking paint onto your table. (LOL)

Step #2:  Have fun and let your imagination do the designing!

This was a thumbprint animal. Basically dip your fingers and make the shape and then use the markers to add the fine print. You can make all sorts of animals this way.

Pigs, chickens, ducks, cows! And its very easy for little hands.

Finished products:

Now we just need a special occasion to wear them to!


21 thoughts on “Handmade Fashion”

  1. Oh now that is so much fun! I did that a while back (well like 2 years) to my daughters jeans, she loved them. But it would be fun to do it together 😉

  2. Cuuuuute! Where were you at the beginning of the week when my kids were on Spring Break and I was clamoring for craft ideas? Dang. 😉

    I’ll be heading out to the craft store tonight… we can do these tomorrow.

    Can’t wait to see you and Charlotte in yours!

  3. oooh I think I know what Owen and Mommy are doing next week. I really love how your shirt came out I don’t really have a “mommy” shirt and what better way to get one then make my own.

  4. Great looking shirts ladies! I love doing projects like this. It’s a fantastic way to cover up stains on shirts and pants! It can even jazz up a pair of canvas shoes! It’s saves many shirts in this house from going to the recycle bin.

  5. What fun…. we made shirts like that for fathers day last year. I let my son go nuts with the paints and handprints. He had a blast and the hubby got a shirt he never wears…lol

  6. Awwsies! I love it. Haven’t done that in forever. I think I will REAL soon. Thanks for the inspiration. I love that tank… 🙂 Totally made my heart smile! 🙂

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