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How to make a Pinwheel Tutorial (easy DIY instructions)

Hey Yall! I realized I have been depriving you of good crafty fun lately, so I am going to try to do better at it. I may not be a chef around here in the old blogosphere, but I sure can craft! I wanted to start out with something super easy for the novice paper crafters out there and also something that can pretty up cupcakes without knowing too much about frosting perfection.

Here is a very simple craft that can be added to centerpieces, hung from a ceiling, added to a hair-bow, or put on sticks to create a cute cupcake display with DIY paper pinwheels.

I sure hope you enjoy!


How to make {Paper} PinWheels Tutorial

You need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • hot glue
  • sticks


  • Paper stamper in circle
  • accessories like rhinestones, ribbons


1) Cut your paper in strips. The length and width of your paper will determine how large the pinwheels are.

2) Fold each strip like an accordion. The smaller the folds, the easier the paper is to lay flat. The larger the folds, the more 3D your pinwheel will be.


3) Connect the two ends together and secure with hot glue. Pay attention that you glue them evenly or it will show on your pinwheel.

4) Your pieces will now resemble a star of some sort. One thing I am really not great at is perfection in crafts, but you will find that this works better if you keep your accordion fold perfect all the way through.

5) Cut out your circles either by hand or a paper scrapbooking circle cutter.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.


6) Now it’s time to make your pinwheel. Gently push down on both sides (you can use both hands) to form the circle. Keep the middle pushed together while you do so. The tighter your folds, the flatter the pinwheel. I can do this one handed, but it’s easier with both hands the first few times.

7) Once flat, put a dab of hot glue in the middle, let dry partly and then add a circle to secure it. Make sure you use your fingers to keep the middle parts glued together.


8) Do all your pinwheels before assembly.

9) Once your pinwheels are done, you can stack them on top of each other for a more 3d affect and to add different patterns and designs.

10) Flip over to add a stick for vases or easy insertion into a cupcake.


See, cute!!


11) Do not be afraid to add rhinestones or ribbons to pretty up your pinwheels!


If you like this awesome craft, let me know so I can continue to make more!

Do not forget to pin your pinwheel so you can remember where it’s at!


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