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“I” Spy a Valentine! (DIY Craft)

This year to add to my (hopefully) 30 days of Valentines Day crafts I have been trying to come up with easy ideas that you can do at home are very cost effective. I, of all people, know that one craft can eat up $100 and leave you asking yourself why you didn’t just buy it on Etsy for half that.

Do not fret!

I have a fun idea that can be altered right in your home with what you already own AND you can reuse recycled bottles.

Here we go!

“I” Spy Conversation Hearts Game

You will need

  • beads or sprinkles or sand or sugar or rice (told you it was versatile)
  • Conversation Hearts (or other tiny items, paperclips, rocks, seashells)
  • super glue
  • a jar with a lid – I used an old Starbucks drink container and a mason jar

step1Move whatever annoying animal you have that cannot stay away from your crafts.

Meet Scarlett.

Goodbye Scarlett.


step2 I have all these old Starbucks glass containers from purchasing coffee. If you have those too, they work perfectly. Just peel off the sticker on the front and back and use a little squirt of WD40 on the left over residue. With a rag and a bit of soap it comes right off and leaves you with a clean jar. That was me testing it out with trial and error on products under my sink. Works perfectly.  Dry your jar.


 Want to make this a true game? Separate your hearts and take a picture!

Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY

You can use this picture for older kids so they can check off as they find certain hearts. (print your picture!).

You can also look for hearts by color or if you have a very young child, like I do, the thrill of seeing hearts at all is enough.

Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY


step4 I created my “I” (eye) Spy Valentines Day game two ways. First I used glitter then beads. The beads (which were 80% off as Christmas filler at the craft store) worked the best. Glitter tends to stick to everything and made the hearts harder to read.  Because I like to still show you the mistakes, let’s get that one out of the way.


Layer Glitter – Hearts – Glitter – Hearts till your jar is nearly full.

I prefer to leave room in the jar so the glitter can float around and the hearts are more easily attainable.

Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY


The glitter did mix up, which looked cute (imo) but it also stuck to the hearts and made them harder to read.



Same deal – Beads, Hearts, Beads, Hearts all the way up and leaving room at the top.  You can choose to put as little or as many hearts as you want!

Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY


Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY

Valentines Day Eye Spy Crafting Game, DIY EASY EASY


Seal the lid with some super glue. Having this dump all over your house would not be fun.

That’s it! A really fun game that will last a long time for your kids this Valentines Day and also perfect for the car (keeps em quiet).

Did you make my craft? Let me know! I will be happy to add your pictures here.

Do you love Valentines Day Crafting as much as we do?

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39 thoughts on ““I” Spy a Valentine! (DIY Craft)”

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! We would have so much fun doing this… messy, but there is rarely a messy that isn’t fun 😉

  2. You were right! These look fairly easy and cost effective. Scarlet and my toddler could be friends. They do the same thing when it comes to getting into stuff. 🙂

  3. This is so creative and such a fun project! I simply had to pin this. Thanks for the super glue tip. I certainly wouldn’t want this spilled all over the house.

  4. St. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday! There is a plenty of ideas for gifts and decorations of the house. I think this bottle will serve as a nice decoration not only for this holiday but just in general.

  5. Oh, I had to laugh at your “annoying animal”. I have one of those too, an 18 year old geriatric tabby named Cosmo who suddenly decides he needs to be the world’s oldest kitten whenever the craft or baking supplies come out. (Scarlett’s adorable, by the way).

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