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Why Our Family Loves The New BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSRIKE Products…

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I can remember years ago my boys loved the original BEYBLADE products. Now, these toys are back in our home and better than ever!

My boys and I just had a chance to try the new BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE products, and we had a blast!  Here’s why our family now loves these products…

The new BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE Hasbro Product include all of the same features you loved with the last round of toys, but with cool new twists that really revolutionize their play capabilities.

The new BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE tops allow you to switch up their unique powers to customize the course of battle every time, and the more SWITCHSTRIKE tops you collect, the more customizing capabilities you have!


There are four types of BEYBLADE BURST tops, attack, defense, stamina and balance. You can use strategy to see which types work best against the others.

For instance, stamina tops are made to keep a steady spin, this can help them outlast even a strong defense type. The balance type tops incorporate elements of all of the other three types, making them worthy opponents for each of the other three types of tops.

Each top comes with three parts, an Energy layer, Forge disc and Performance tip. You can mix and match the pieces of different BEYBLADE BURST tops to create different combinations that can help you win the battle against your opponent! BEYBLADE BURST tops can only be used with BEYBLADE BURST launchers and BEYBLADE BURST Beystadium. You can even cause your opponent’s BEYBLADE BURST top to burst apart in battle (Burst rates may vary).

We recently received a big box of BEYBLADE BURST and BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE products. Check out how we Let it rip below!

The boys absolutely loved the new BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE tops, and their unique switching powers! They really added a whole new level to the battlefield. Just when you thought one top might win, another came through with its’ SWITCHSTRIKE power for the victory.

The BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION STAR STORM BATTLE Set is by far our favorite product, and a great value. It comes with everything you need to play, including the BEYBLADE BURST STAR STORM Beystadium, two BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE right/left spin launchers, and two BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE right-spin tops.

As a mother, my own personal favorite product in this line is the BEYBLADE BURST BEYLOCKER. This carrying case allows kids to store their BEYBLADE BURST tops, launchers, ripcords and other items for easy clean-up and on-the-go capabilities. Plus, it comes with one BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE top to get you started!


Have you been honing your battle skills? Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion?

The BEYBLADE BURST WORLD TOUR is coming to a city near you! Gather together all your battle buddies ages 8-13, and compete in a head-to-head competition. Winners from each National Championship will go on to the 2018 BEYBLADE BURST World Championship being held on November 3, 2018 in Paris, France at Kidexpo.


Can’t get enough of BEYBLADE BURST? Check out Valt and his friends, as they battle it out to become the best Bladers in the world. You can watch BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION on Disney XD every Saturday at 8:30 AM, or catch the reruns throughout the week at 3:30 PM.

Watch episodes here!

Have you tried the new BEYBLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE products? What are your favorite features of this new line?

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