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Olay 28 Day Challenge plus $40 Off Purchase Code

Resolve to take better care of your skin this New Year

Let’s face it: every day, every single one of us gets older. You, me, all of us!  And whether we like it or not, our skin, especially the delicate skin on our faces, gets older too.  Over time this aging leaves us with unexpected wrinkles and lines, and suddenly when we look in the mirror, we can see it.  My grandmother always told me that she looks in the mirror and what she sees is not what she feels. She can hardly believe her mental age versus her physical age.

While each of us does not have the choice as to whether we age gracefully or not, we all have a chance to do what we can to minimize the effect of time on our skin and help us keep our youthful glow and complexion no matter how many years go by.

As we start to think about New Year’s resolutions, why not put your skincare routine on the list?  The benefits will stick with you long after the ball drops and it might inspire you to make other healthy changes as well.

Here are 8 of the best ways you can make sure you are putting your best face forward in the coming years.

1) Wear sunscreen.  You really need to wear it every day,  even if the sun isn’t shining.  Find a blend that is specially designed for facial skin to help keep your complexion clear.  Many new foundations and Bb creams have sunscreen built right in so there’s no need to incorporate something new into your routine at all. This was a top bit of advice my father gave me when I was 12 years old. I pass it on to my kids!

2) Stay out of the sun.  Along with the sunscreen, you should continue to avoid direct sunlight, especially on that beach retreat you’re taking this winter.  Also, tanning is off-limits for healthy skin.  Both UVA and UVB rays cause damage to the skin and can lead to lots of nasty stuff beyond just wrinkles and discoloration. Wearing a hat year round can really help minimize as well.

3) Keep it clean.  Some of us are unfortunate enough to suffer blemishes still, even as our skin starts to show signs of aging and managing combination skin can be challenging.  Choose a cleanser appropriate for your skin’s needs and wash in warm, not hot,  water.  Avoid scrubbing as you wash or washing your face more than once or twice per day.  Too much washing actually dries out your skin, undoing all your efforts to keep it lovely. My Top Choice is located here.

4) Moisturizer is your friend.  Hands down, the best thing that you can do daily is to find the right set of moisturizing products. The key to getting inspired to continue usage is results and results are exactly what Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream will give you. Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Look no further than committing to yourself! 

Olay 28 Day Challenge

This year challenge yourself to the Olay 28 Day Challenge, incorporating your creams morning and night. It won’t take long before you start to see results! I have personally been using Olay products for quite some time, but embarked on the Olay 28 day challenge myself.

The Olay 28 Day Challenge:  For 28 days, you replace your current facial moisturizers and eye creams to exclusively use the following 2 Step regimen:

  • Step 1: AM and PM apply the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream
  • Step 2: AM and PM apply Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream

I cannot wait to share my results with you!

Here is my before:




Ready to get started? It’s so easy! 

The first 15 to visit Skin Advisor and use code: 28DAYS5844 will get $40 off their purchase of recommended product!

5) Keep the air moist.  If you often wake with your skin feeling dry, especially your lips, try running a humidifier in your room or near your bed at night.  The extra moisture can make all the difference for your morning routine, naturally.  Your skin and your nasal passages will thank you!

6) Upgrade your pillowcase.  While it might seem insignificant, if you think about the number of hours per week you spend with your face pressed into your pillow, it starts to add up.  As most of us tend to usually sleep in the same position, this can mean that side and stomach sleepers are having some serious face-pillow connection.  This can add to the lines or wrinkles on your face, especially your favorite side.  Experts suggest sleeping on your back if you can.  If not, they suggest switching out your pillowcase for a satin or silk version.  The fluid material minimizes sleep lines and helps you avoid that whole, just rolled out of bed look.

7) Boost your diet.  There are countless reasons to pay more attention to what you’re eating this new year, but your skin reflects the mantra: you are what you eat.  Focus on increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and be sure you’re getting healthy doses of Omega 3’s each week.  If you find you’re falling short of the recommended guidelines, you can take supplements to boost your healthy skin power.  Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium and Omega 3’s are all critical for healthy and vibrant skin.  There are lots of supplements geared towards healthy skin and hair, but remember, the nutrients you get from food are the best so embrace those fruits and veggies!  If choosing a supplement, pay attention to the recommended daily intake of each vitamin and mineral and be sure you aren’t taking an extreme overdose – doctors warn against it.

8) Drink more water.  Water has the most profound impact on your health than almost anything else you can do! Going back to the basics with plenty of water and exercise will help you look and feel better year round.

 Ready to get started on taking care of yourself this year?

The first 5 women to share with me their skin care habits on my Facebook Post will receive a free set of samples!

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For shares that include a brand URL, please include the #ad hashtag in your social share.