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OREO Fails: You Can’t Win Them All!

Enter the OREO FAILS contest and compete for a $100,000 pay day! Enter here with your best fails before July 6. Ready to get started? Go here immediately!

OREO Fails: You Can’t Win Them All!

The OREO contest is nearly wrapped up and it was so much fun to create and enter ways to go through the head stack, stack attack and trick shot. But with all those set ups, you undoubtedly had a lot of mistakes; I know I did! Now let those mistakes work for you! Enter NOW for a chance to win #$100,000! The OREO Games is a series of entry periods with 3 different challenges and the final one is fails.  Some neighbors and I created a DRONE dunk for one of the phases but trust me, it was not easy! It took a few days of testing out and then a few hours of constant trying to get the final shot.

Here are some of those fails (sped up for watching) here.

Now are you Ready to enter?

Enter to win OREO Fails Contest

Its been 11 weeks, now you can enter your fails here for one last chance!

  • Entry period: 6/9 – 7/6
  • Voting period for EPIC FAILS: 7/7 – 7/13
  • All entries should be in the form of a video or photo submitted via Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #OreoGames #Contest. Each winning finalist for each challenge will win the challenge prize, and then be entered into the grand finale event showdown.
  • Winners chosen by determination of Mondelez/HW/Mirum

OREO Construction Zone: Birthday Party Idea , just add LEGOs for a fantastic OREO display



Already entered? Check status of your entry here!