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Portion control tip!

While I have tried to make bread and cinnamon rolls and all that, I am just no good when it comes to bakery stuff. I still buy the Pillsbury orange rolls and cinnamon rolls but I hate how BIG they are. The size of them are astronomical and the last thing I want to do on a Saturday morning is hand my daughter one roll that looks like it could feed 2 grown adults.

And you know kids……if I cut it, I will hear “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!”

So this weekend when I broke open a package of cinnamon rolls for a treat, here is how I preempted the fight.

I cut them in half

threw them in a cupcake tin


and they out came BABY cinnamon rolls in sizes we could all agree on.


8 thoughts on “Portion control tip!”

  1. Lots of people have told me how they lose weight by just cutting their portions in half. i think I’m going to try it. That way I won’t be giving up my favorite foods. 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! I love Pillsbury cinnamon rolls because my son is allergic to eggs, and these are egg free! I’m almost embarrassed to say that my 16 month old eats almost the whole cinnamon roll plus a 4oz yogurt. Of course his weight is in the 3%, so he needs all the extra calories he can get! 😉 I love the idea of making them mini though. Much easier for little hands to hold.

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