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Spring cupcakes..a visual prep

Lately I have been practicing my baking decorating skills. I generally can make something TASTE good, but look good is an entirely different story. You have to just grab a spoon and close your eyes. Unfortunately, the eyes are often part of the experience, so I am about 50% #FAIL at this point.

My entire intention was to create some July 4th cupcakes and do little swirly white frosting and colored sugar.

Um. No.

You wanna know why?

Because the first rule to baking, or cooking, or anything kitchen related at all, is to make sure that you have all your ingredients and I only had HOT PINK dye, not red. REAL hot pink…I couldn’t even pretend it was red.

So…I improvised because at that point, I was jonesing for a cupcake.

Take 1 box vanilla cake, make per instructions, then separate into three bowls for your colors. I used a coffee scoop (2 tbls scoop) to fill each color into the cupcake pans.

TIP: Spray your cupcake holders with a little baking spray to keep the crumbs from sticking when you peel…no need to waste good cupcake on a wrapper.

Here is my visual prep…enjoy:


Make some  matching colored sugar…

(All you do here is take a 1/4 cup of sugar and a little dye and mix. I found it easiest to just use my fingers and rub the sugar together. Clean hands people, clean hands.)

Now everything went well till I had to decorate….

Le Sigh.

Looks like a 2nd grader did it.

Oh well.

They still taste good.

Like I said…just close your eyes.



11 thoughts on “Spring cupcakes..a visual prep”

  1. I have had baking disasters before – things that came out much, much worst than this – and ended up throwing the entire thing into the trash and going out and BUYING a cake instead. LOL

  2. I think they look great!

    My creations never come out the way I envision them, but as long as it tastes good, nobody around here complains. 🙂

  3. You’re being too hard on yourself. They look just fine! And personally, I love the pink and green color combo. I know it wasn’t the plan, but it looks good anyway.

    You know what you need to learn? Not to share what your “plan” was! Just let everyone think your plan was the pink and green all along!

  4. First, your cupcakes look DELICIOUS!! Second, I feel ya! Last night I made dinner, and while it tasted amazing, my husband told me it looked like someone took a dump on his plate. He said, “Why does your food taste good, but look HORRIBLE?!” Thanks, thanks honey! I’ll tell him to close his eyes to eat from now on! 😉

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