How to Kill Fruit Flies with 3 easy household ingredients!

Yesterday I gave my son a bowl of fruit. After he had had his fill, he set the bowl down like most kids do and ran off. Not too long after that I went to pick it up and noticed little gnats on the fruit! I was shocked. Where did these things come from? I can only imagine they must have hitched a ride in the carton of strawberries but had instantly been attracted back to the open fruit. I can assure you I keep a clean house. The whole thing was disgusting.

My babysitter was over and she said she had been told that equal parts water, equal parts vinegar and a squirt of dish soap would kill fruit flies.

What the heck, so I tried it.

And it worked!fruit-flies

This is about 10 minutes after I put the bowl down in the same area as the old fruit bowl.


Then I moved it to the kitchen and after a few hours, this is what happened:



For some reason the flies are attracted to the water and then eventually land and get stuck there. Its safe since its made from household items rather than pesticides. I am just going to leave the bowl on the window sill a few days to finish any extras off.

I hope this tip helps out your kitchen and thank you to my babysitter for this one!







  1. Marianne says

    I don’t need to kill them because they don’t go on our fruits anymore. Why ? Because we put 2 or 3 wine corks in the fruit basket. I don’t why or how it works but even when summer guets really hot we had no more fruit flyes since we do this.

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