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24 Creative Ways to Make Extra Cash

24 tips to bring in the green

Making Money : 24 Ways to Bring in Extra Cash (not just surveys!)

Looking for creative ways to make extra cash? There are times when all of us could use a little extra cash.  Whether you get stuck with an unexpected repair bill or you’re trying to save up for a big expense, finding ways to make extra money is easier than ever.  While you may not be interested in starting a home-based business, there are countless opportunities to take advantage of.  Most of these offer flexible scheduling so you can squeeze in extra hours when they work on your schedule.  As with anything, be sure you do your homework and make sure its a good fit for you and your time.

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  1. Sell your old stuff.  It is amazing what we have lying around that others might be interested in taking off our hands.  Whatever you have to purge there are countless options to find buyers for your gently used goods and antiques – Ebay, Craigslist, local Facebook selling groups, or a good old fashioned yard sale.
  2. Drive for cash.  If you don’t mind driving, seriously consider working as an Uber or Lyft driver.  If your car is relatively new and in good condition, you can make several hundred dollars a week, working part-time.
  3. Be a tutor.  You can choose to be a tutor in your local area by findings ads posted on Craiglist or other community boards, or you can tutor online.  There are several sites that offer online tutors access to paying clients, such as StudyPool, CheggTutors, and Tutor.com.
  4. Baby-sit, dog-sit or house-sit.  There are countless opportunities available to help out busy families for extra money.  While you may have given up your baby sitting in your teen years, busy and stressed parents are desperate for qualified and trust-worthy people to watch the kids for a few hours.  Similarly, dog owners and vacationers appreciate the peace of mind when a reliable person is looking after things while they’re away.
  5. Grade SAT exams.  Ever wonder who scores all those exams high school students take each year?  Yep, it’s people just like you.  If you have a bachelor’s degree and are available during their shift blocks, you can get qualified to score exams for a pretty good hourly wage.
  6. Become an online juror.  When lawyers contemplate going to trial, they invest significant time and sums of money into jury research.  In comes you, the online juror.  Online jurors serve as test juries for specific cases, reviewing evidence from home and rendering a verdict.  Sound odd?  Here’s a list of six sites that recruit online jurors.
  7. Take surveys.  If you’re strapped for both cash and time, taking surveys online is a great way to squeeze some extra dollars into your monthly budget.  Both corporations and academic researchers offer surveys, and there are a number of different platforms you can join. 
  8. Be a sign holder.  If you’re looking for some extra cash while you enjoy the fresh air, consider being a sign holder – several different businesses hire out these positions.  Try finding a gig through a central website, rather than going business to business in your town.
  9. Donate plasma.  A favorite of college students, donating plasma can bring in regular extra money each week.  Enjoy a book or a nap and don’t forget your cookie afterwards.
  10. Participate in a medical trial.  If you don’t mind a bit of inconvenience or a longer time commitment, joining a medial study can infuse significant sums into your budget.  Research local options online and be sure you meet the minimum requirements for the study you’re interested in.
  11. Join a focus group.  If you have extra time and childcare but a medical trial isn’t your thing, participating in focus groups can not only bring in extra money, but it can be fun and incredibly interesting.  Find opportunities online or through local classified ads.
  12. Task Rabbit.  For those who like running errands or doing odd jobs, Task Rabbit is a great opportunity to both multitask and earn some extra money.  Clients post jobs or tasks they need to be done – from assembling furniture to picking something up.  You respond and cash in.
  13. Rent a room.  While AirBNB may have seemed like a novelty to begin with, it’s become a fantastic way for homeowners and renters alike to make use of unused space in their homes.  Offering an extra room just a few nights a month can help you cover your mortgage or rent. Just make sure you clear it with your HOA.
  14. Become a mystery shopper.  Love to shop?  Being a mystery shopper may be your answer.  Mystery shoppers are hired by various companies to provide feedback on the customer experience in a particular store or brand.  However, you should do your research before signing on with any mystery shopping opportunity.  Beware of scams when searching –
  15. Multitask your commute.  With the new app Roadie, clients looking for people to pick stuff up are matched with drivers in that part of town.  Deliver goods and get paid!
  16. Open another bank account.  Countless banks will give you cash, sometimes hundreds, just for opening an account.  What a fantastic place to store your extra cash for a rainy day than in a bank account you don’t use every day.
  17. Become an election officer.  While these opportunities are seasonal, working to support your local election is a great way to connect to your community and interact with your neighbors, all while being paid.  Check with your local election office for details and more information.
  18. Sell your old clothes.  If you’re looking for extra cash to fund a shopping habit, consider letting go of some gently used items to free up space and dollars.  Find a second-hand store in your town or try selling goods online.
  19. Amend your tax return.  Did you possibly miss some lucrative deductions?  Do some research and consider amending past returns to cash in on government programs that you qualify for.
  20. Rent out your car.  If you have multiple cars in your family or if you don’t use the car regularly, consider renting it out on Turo.  It can be an easy way to help support a purchase you’ve already made!
  21. Watch videos online.  If you are a sucker for YouTube videos, consider joining Swagbucks, which pays you to simply watch and like videos, shop online or take surveys.  Easy and convenient for even those with the busiest schedules.
  22. Get rebates for grocery shopping.  Using Ibotta, you simply shop at your regular grocery store, take a picture of your receipt, and earn rebates towards future grocery purchases.  Who doesn’t need that?
  23. Sell your junk mail.  You don’t want it, but someone does.  When you become a Consumer Panelist at the Small Business Knowledge Center, you’ll simply mail them the junk mail solicitations you receive but don’t want.  Business owners or those who are self-employed even earn bonuses.
  24. Do transcriptions.  Fast keyboarders with a keen ear and attention to detail can do transcriptions any time of day.  You’ll like to have to pass some type of entrance exam, but there are several sites that hire inexperienced transcribers, to help you get your foot in the door.  Check out some of these options.
  25. SAVE IT! The best way to have money is to KEEP Monday. Try our 52 week money challenge for kids and 52 week money challenge for teens, both are also great for adults of all income levels.

Additionally I always believe starting a blog is a fantastic way to earn online, but its typically not an overnight situation.  As a blogger for the past 10 years, I can say its brought me so much joy and a large 5 figure-6 figure income for years. Get your blog online today and follow some of my helpful articles to get started.