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6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids

Every afternoon since school started, the first thing the kids do when they walk in the door is to drop their backpacks in the hall and head to the pantry. I know that school lets them have a snack and a meal, but neither one can sit down to do homework or even relax until they have something to eat. The unfortunate part is they walk in around 330, which means mere hours before dinner. That means as the parent I need to balance out what type of snacks they are getting or they will fill up with candy and cookies. While it’s only been a few weeks since school started, they are already tired of me saying “grab an applesauce” or “eat a piece of cheese.”

6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids

If you are ready to bring some excitement and change in your child’s after-school snacking routine, I have some fantastic ideas that are quick, simple and tasty!

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6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids that make snacking easy, simple, and delicious

After School Snack Idea #1

Peeled Snacks White Cheddar Peas Please: White Cheddar Peas Please are the only organic, baked pea snack available. Our version of a “healthy cheeto,” savory, crunchy Peas Please are bursting with flavor and made with simple ingredients: organic whole peas and whole grain brown rice. Each bag of White Cheddar Peas Please offers ½ cup veggie per serving, 5 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber.

6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids that make snacking easy, simple, and delicious

MomDot Thinks:  Surprisingly these were great! I love sneaking healthy snacks and veggies in where I can and Peas Please was the right amount of crunch with none of the guilt. For school lunch or after school, this is a snack I can feel good about. They have fiber and protein, which will help your child keep fuller longer and are made without corn or potato fillers. Plus you can grab 4 different flavors finding what fits for your taste buds. Totally worth the try and pretty addicting.

You can get them at: One time offer of 15% off total cart over $25 at http://shop.peeledsnacks.com, promo code BABBLE16. But hurry, deal is going September 5th-30th, 2016.

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After School Snack Idea #2

Garlic Herb, Honey Mustard and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sabra Spreads™ with Hummus: Sabra Spreads™ with Hummus are made with Flavorful, Fresh, Wholesome Ingredients and 75% less Fat than the leading Mayonnaise.  They’re perfect for taking your sandwich from good to great. This one-of-a-kind condiment comes in a convenient squeezable bottle and is hitting the market with three delicious flavors: Garlic Herb, Honey Mustard and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.

6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids that make snacking easy, simple, and delicious

MomDot Thinks: Sabra Hummus is already a huge hit in this house as its one of those things we all love to DIP our crackers and veggies in. Now with squeeze bottles its extra fun and has a variety of great flavors. The only problem with Hummus in our house is that one of my children takes it out and eats it all in one sitting, so we still have to regulate this one. I love how easy the bottles are to squeeze right onto a plate, making less waste. Plus, you can add a little of each one making an easy snack sampler.

You can get them at: Your local grocery store. Visit @sabra for more information


After School Snack Idea #3

Peanut Butter & Co.’s Chocmeister Chocolatey Hazelnut Spreads: All the world loves chocolate …and everyone goes nuts for the rich taste of roasted hazelnuts. Chocmeister chocolatey hazelnut spreads bring these two great tastes together in one irresistible new spread.


MomDot Thinks: Nothing more fantastic than a piece of toast and a hazelnut spread! I love that Chocmeister has less sugar but still tastes delicious. You can feel good that Chocmeister Milk Chocolatey contains Double the Protein & Chocmeister Dark Chocolatey contains 50% More Protein than the leading brand of chocolate hazelnut spreads.

Want a deal? Use Code LessSugarChoc for 20% off orders of $25 or more on ilovepeanutbutter.com.  Offer will be valid through September 30th.

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After School Snack Idea #4

Popchips Ridges Cheddar Sour Cream Flavor: Sharp cheddar, smooth sour cream and potatoes—it’s the ultimate threesome! and when they come together in extra crispy popchips ridges, you get a whole mouthful of delicious. they’re ridged for your pleasure, so give in to the crunch!


MomDot Thinks: Popchips are one of my personal favorites so these barely made it out of the box before I broke into them. Very addicting! These chips are popped, not fried, and perfect for dipping (try with the Hummus above!)

You can get them at: Most local grocery stores


After School Snack Idea #5

Kahiki Crispy Tempura item, StirFresh item, Egg Rolls or Yum Yum Stix – Kahiki specializes in its Tempura Chicken products. The all-white meat chicken breasts are sourced from local Ohio farmers. Kahiki chops, marinates, batters, and fries the chicken all in-house for the freshest products possible. What’s one of Kahiki’s secret ingredients? A touch of local light amber honey added to the batter. Try one of these five flavors:


Find Here: You can get your own frozen Chinese food with this great deal: Print a limited time Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon for our new Yum Yum Stix™, Bowl & Roll™ entrees or Egg Rolls. While there, download our FREE Asian Dinner Party Planner!

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After School Snack Idea #6

Veetee Rice: Whole Grain & Quinoa, Jasmine, Basmati & Wild, and Rice Pilaf: 2 minute ready rices with 2 servings

  • non-gmo
  • vegetarian/vegan (the varieties we sent)
  • gluten-free
  • all natural ingredients
  • tray is BPA free and recyclable

6 Quick After School Snacks for Kids that make snacking easy, simple, and delicious

MomDot Thinks:  First thing my husband said when he saw these was “OOH, I want to take that for lunch!” I have been hoarding them in my office ever since. I love the idea of easy to eat quick rice to head up a meal in these easy to take containers or a quick bite after school.

You can get them athttps://www.veetee.com/en-us/where-to-buy


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