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“Always” Be You : Free yourself from Bladder Leaks

Don’t let bladder leaks control you – Get your life back!

Laughing till you cry. Jumping trampoline with the kids. Running your first 5k. Cold season. It’s likely either instantly clear what these situations have in common to you, or it isn’t.

If it is, you’re likely one of the 15 million women who suffers or has suffered from bladder leaks. This problem might seem embarrassing to you or may have put you in an awkward position you’d likely forget (no, my running pants were not soaked from rain or spilled water at the end of my first 10k), but it is a perfectly normal condition.

And you don’t have to be embarrassed by it!

Causes of incontinence

There are lots of things that happen to a woman over the course of her life that can leave her with a leaky bladder, most we have very little control over! While men also experience incontinence, it is considerably less common than among women.

Pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, menopause, stroke, MS, birth defects, and other challenges with aging can cause damage or weakening of the muscles and nerves that support the bladder. When there is a problem with the sets of muscles and nerves that either allow the bladder to expand as it fills or that allow it to empty, incontinence can become a problem.

Leaks can happen at any time, regardless of how full or empty your bladder is – any time the muscles or nerves are under stress. Some women experience leaks frequently whereas others only experience issues during intense exercise or a monumental sneeze.

Feeling the effects

Obviously, any loss of bladder control can not only be embarrassing in public, but it can also place you under considerable emotional distress. Worry about when and where leaks might happen can severely impact your life. Not only does going out become an anxiety filled proposition, but it’s likely you also feel like you can’t do the things you once enjoyed. Losing control over a body function you never had to give much thought before can be humiliating and really scary.

Physical side effects are also common such as skin irritation in the groin area due to increased moisture and more frequent bladder infections.

Getting control back

You don’t have to be embarrassed by a leaky bladder, and it doesn’t have to take over your life. You can manage it, correct it, and be you, without worry.

When faced with bladder leaks, many of us turn to that trusty cupboard we already keep stocked with absorbent materials. It can seem straight forward to use menstrual pads also to help control bladder leaks. However, these materials are just simply not designed to manage urinary issues. Instead, they’re made to deal with menstrual flow which is considerably slower than urine. Their design is specific, and they won’t necessarily catch all urine flow. They can also cause irritation and discomfort as they aren’t able to wick the moisture away from the body sufficiently – bladder pads have specifically designed layers to remove moisture away from the skin quickly. Odor can also become an issue when using a menstrual pad for incontinence issues.

Nope, if you have bladder leaks, you need protection specially designed to manage that problem like Always Discreet. There is a wide selection of bladder leakage products available that go from simple liners to those that look and feel just like real underwear. Their Always Discreet Boutiques Underwear is beautifully designed and made with silky-soft fabric.  You can’t say that about many menstrual pads out there! Affordable, available in a wide range of sizes, there is absolutely no reason you don’t deserve to use Always Discreet to get your back on your feet.

Once you’re no longer worried about leaks, you can feel more confident, more comfortable, and more at ease. But you should know you don’t have to live with bladder issues forever. But, while your body heals, you’ll at least be free of any embarrassing leaks.

You know what’s also a big deal? Right now, Walmart shoppers can get up to $8 off Always Discreet products! Look for the Always Discreet coupons in the 10/1 newspaper including, $2 off liners, $3 off pads and $3 off underwear – including Always Discreet Boutique – bladder leak underwear with a little ohh-la-la.  

The root of the problem

Even if you’re feeling great using your new Always Discreet products from Walmart, there are things you can do to help alleviate your bladder issues, even without visiting your doctor. Strengthening the pelvic floor also strengthens the bladder muscles (and you thought you were done with Kegels!), which can often be enough to eliminate or significantly improve your situation.

Taking the intensity down while exercising can help you rebuild your bladder muscle tone can also help alleviate leaks. It can be especially frustrating to ask an athlete to take down the intensity. However, scaling things back for a few months to correct a troublesome problem can be entirely worth it.

Regardless of the cause, regardless of the shame bladder leaks may have made you feel in the past, don’t hide – address the issue! Use the tools you need to keep you dry and comfortable without fear or anxiety. You’re worth it!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G . The opinions and text are all mine.