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36 Gorgeous Birthstone Rings for Mom (Thoughtful Gift Idea!)

Moms are the best. And if you’re not looking to make a homemade gift this year, what better way to show your appreciation for Mom than with a gorgeous birthstone ring? Not only are birthstones colorful and beautiful, but they’re also reminiscent of special moments in a person’s life.

Give the gift of remembrance with a ring that symbolizes the month the world got just a bit better with her in it, or with the month she first held her child in her arms. It’s a gift she won’t soon forget.

In this article, we’ll be going through each month and taking a look at our favorite affordable and gorgeous birthstone rings for Mom.


For January Moms

The birthstone for January is Garnet. Garnet is a gorgeous deep red gemstone whose appearance is nearly black until it’s put in light to reveal dark red tones. Ancient folklore has deemed Garnet as a stone which keeps the wearer safe as they travel and is said to symbolize truth and faith.

1. Triple Oval Garnet Ring

Affordable, dainty, and beautiful, this ring is adorned with three deep red oval Garnets. The single row of Garnets is encompassed by Diamonds to make this ring shine (just like our moms!).

It’s simple, yet elegant and can be paired with other rings if desired. If you’re on a tighter gift-buying budget, this is a wonderful, gorgeous choice that certainly won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Garnet Heart Ring

Symbolizing the love for mom, this ring is designed with a heart-shaped Garnet and frame. The frame and band are delicately twisted and lined with shimmering Diamonds to bring the eye to the bold color of the birthstone.

3. Cushion-Cut Garnet Ring

This cushion-cut ring was made to put an emphasis on the large center Garnet birthstone. Two white Sapphires cradle the center stone and (similar to the previous rings) create a drawing shimmering effect to bring attention to the ring.

For February Moms

The birthstone for February is Amethyst. Amethyst is a bright purple stone said to represent strength in relationships and increase the courage of the wearer. The Ancient Greek civilization also believed that the gemstone kept people sober even when they drank an abundance of alcoholic beverages.

4. Heart Sides Oval Amethyst Ring

Modest and petite, this ring is decorated with a large oval Amethyst center stone. On either side of the stone are simple sterling silver hearts to beautifully embody the love a child and mother share.

5. Princess-Cut Amethyst Ring

To us, our moms are royalty – one of the most well-loved and respected people in our lives. What better way to show the importance of a February mom than with a Princess-Cut Amethyst? The gorgeous center stone is encircled by a glistening Diamond-accented halo and band.

This is the perfect birthstone ring for a blingy February mom.

6. Amethyst Vintage-Style Buckle Ring

If your February mom is one who loves the timeless sophistication of vintage jewelry, then look no further than this old-fashioned Amethyst Buckle Ring. Created with an oval Amethyst stone and embellished with a white Sapphire halo and band, this birthstone ring is a true sign of past times.

The halo and band are joined on either side by two textured buckles, reminiscent of the mid 20th century and a mother’s love for tradition and the addition of new customs.

For March Moms

March is the month of the beautiful pale blue Aquamarine gemstone. The Aquamarine stone was said to cure many diseases throughout the body, including heart and anxiety disorders. It is a representation of loyalty and friendship and has been deemed throughout the centuries as a protective stone against evils of the sea.

7. Aquamarine Heart and Diamond-Dotted Leaves Ring

The love of a mother is like no other and this heart-shaped Aquamarine ring is a stunning mark of motherly affection. The light blue gem heart is surrounded by sterling silver leaf shapes and dotted with twinkling white Diamonds.

This ring takes a unique take on Diamond lined bands without going too over the top or looking gaudy. It’s an extremely elegant piece of fine jewelry that would be a wonderful gift for any March mom.

8. Triangle-Shaped Aquamarine Ring

This tastefully modern ring is embellished with a triangular Aquamarine gem cradled by two sterling silver arms. On the underside of the silver sweeps are single rows of white Sapphires to add a slight shimmer to the ring.

It’s definitely a more subtle ring with sleek and soft accents, perfect for the reserved Aquamarine mom.

9. Dainty Stackable Framed Oval Aquamarine Ring

Our final favorite Aquamarine ring is a bit less understated than the previous two, but still just as gorgeous and appealing to the eye. This birthstone ring is stackable and can be worn alone or along with other, bolder rings.

It’s an extremely simple ring fashioned with an oval Aquamarine gem in the center, framed by softly overlapping sterling silver arms. This ring isn’t paired with white Sapphires or Diamonds, as it’s meant to bring more attention to the birthstone itself and add to the appearance of surrounding jewelry.

For April Moms

April moms have the envy of all precious gemstones – the Diamond. A classic stone for wedding rings, Diamonds are said to represent everlasting love. They have captivated mankind for centuries with their purity and shining appearance and many healing and mythological claims have revolved around the Diamond – including being the tears of deities or shattered fragments of stars.

10. Diamond Accented Midi Ring

When it comes to Diamond birthstone rings, subtlety is usually preferred. Generally, birthstone Diamond rings are paired with other rings to enhance the overall appearance of the hand.

And with its dainty rows of slightly swayed gems, this Diamond accented midi ring does just that. Midi rings are meant to be worn above the middle knuckle of the finger, and this ring provides enough subtlety and elegance to make the midi a graceful look for the April mom.

11. Swirled Heart Diamond Ring

As we mentioned, subtlety is a wonderful policy for Diamond birthstone rings. This is a horizontal facing, swirled heart-shaped ring with the left side of the heart adorned with diamonds.

The majority of the ring is plain sterling silver, which is a beautiful contrast to the single twirling row of diamonds in the center of the band. It has an incredibly fun, yet mature and tasteful, curlicue shape that would make a great gift.

12. Stackable Round Cut Diamond Ring

Stackable rings are designed to enhance the overall appearance of larger, more prominent jewelry pieces. This round stackable diamond ring would make a great addition to busy hands. If your April mom loves her rings and wears (many of) them often, this understated birthstone ring could just add a tad more flair to her already glowing attire.

For May Moms

May is the month of the Emerald Birthstone. For centuries, the dark green hue of the stone played a significant part in representing fertility and has deep mythological roots in Egypt and its past rulers. Today, the Emerald is said to represent wisdom and patience.

13. Teardrop Shaped Emerald Ring

Emerald is an extremely bold birthstone. Its deep green tones are enough to capture attention without being overly huge or blingy. This teardrop shaped Emerald ring is a perfect representation of this.

The centered Emerald stone is surrounded by an elegant halo of white Sapphires and sits atop a simple sterling silver band. It’s a lovely ring that would truly bring out the sophistication in any May mom.

14. Unique Emerald Leaf Ring

This is such a unique Emerald ring design. Seven glowing Emerald leaves snake up the finger from a band of white Sapphires and attractively flare out from the sterling silver arm.

Though oddly shaped and somewhat abstract, this ring is still dignified and feminine and would make for a stunning birthstone gift.

15. Notched Duet Emerald Ring

This ring features three dainty Emerald gems separated by notches of white Sapphires. It’s a very simple ring but distinguished and would work in harmony with more pronounced Emerald rings.

For June Moms

Though Pearl is the original and traditional June Birthstone, June Moms are part of the lucky group that can choose between three stones: Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone. However, in this article, we’ll be covering the original – the Pearl.

Pearls are the only birthstone that is produced by a living creature, which makes this stone unique in and of itself. The Greeks had long held Pearls as a symbol of purity and love and believed that they were the fallen tears of their pagan goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Today, shimmering white Pearls still remain a strong representation of purity throughout many cultures and are often worn as necklaces by brides in the Western world.

16. Button Pearl and White Sapphire Accented Ring

Button Pearls make for cutesy, adorable rings. This Button Pearl ring is accented with two smaller white Sapphires on either side. They bring just enough shine to the ring to draw your attention to the glorious ivory hue of the centered Pearl.

The gorgeous Pearl and Sapphires rest on a sleek, uniform sterling silver band. Though uncomplicated, this ring is a muted beauty that is sure to bring a smile to your June mom’s face.

17. Pearl and White Sapphire Halo Ring

Resting on the plain sterling silver band of this ring is a large ivory Pearl. The rounded Pearl is surrounded by a halo of white Sapphires that extend ever so slightly on the top of the band.

This is a classic Pearl ring style beloved for decades and was an especially sought after look in the 1930s and 40s.

18. Five Stone Pearl Ring

If a centered pearl isn’t quite your mom’s style, this beautiful ring with a row of cream-colored Pearls may just do the trick. Simple, though refined, this ring can be paired with any larger ring as a stacked accessory or worn alone to make a (not too obvious) statement.

For July Moms

The burning red of Rubies is enough to lure the eye. A symbol of passionate love and wealth, Rubies have been sought after for centuries by the wealthy, the heroic, and the Kings and Queens of the world. Thought to protect the wearer from evil forces, the Ruby was often worn by women of renown to protect their marriages and by warriors to protect them from their enemies in battle.

19. Timeless Elegance Ruby Ring

Yet another classic style, the Timeless Elegance ring is reminiscent of the good old days. The cushion cut Ruby is nestled inside a white Sapphire halo and sits atop a band completely covered in crystally gems.

If your July mom is a fan of bold bling, this ring is definitely the way to go.

20. “Mom” Ruby and Diamond Accented Ring

Spelled out in clean sterling silver, this ring literally says, “Mom”. In place of the O is a heart-shaped Ruby and both M’s are written with Diamonds.

This is the perfect ring for the July mom who is proud enough to tell the whole world how great her kids – and her role as their mom – are.

21. “Love” Heart Ruby Ring

Love is central to us and our families and when it comes to Mom, it’s devout. This “Love” ring is a perfect symbol for her endless love for her children. Similar to the “Mom” Ruby ring, the O of this ring is created with a heart-shaped Ruby gem.

The band and majority of the word are made of smooth sterling silver, though the V is adorned in Diamonds.

For August Moms

Peridot is the gem of August. Thought to ward off evil spirits and other devils of the night, Peridot has been said to help the wearer get better sleep, prevent nightmares, and bring them peace. Yet another favorite stone of the Egyptians, the Peridot had been deemed “the gem of the sun”, signifying light and justice.

Today, the Peridot birthstone symbolizes strength.

22. Double Heart Peridot Ring

This double heart Peridot ring would be a beautiful gift from a child to mom. Representing the love between a mother and her child, the two heart-shaped Peridot gems are nestled side-by-side.

The stones rest on a sterling silver band lined with subtle diamonds for a slight light-catching effect.

23. Vintage Style Peridot Cocktail Ring

Peridot is one stone that looks especially beautiful when paired with gold. Reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s, this gorgeous cocktail ring is designed with a stunning oval Peridot center stone.

Surrounding the stone is a pointed (or crowned) halo of white Sapphires. Both the halo and Peridot are cradled by two gold-plated sterling silver arms. Each arm is also dotted with white Sapphires for a light-catching effect.

This is a wonderful ring for the August mom with an old soul.

24. Oval and Heart Accented Peridot Ring

Hearts are the universal sign of love. This August birthstone ring is full of love – just like our moms! The Peridot is a delicate oval shape surrounded by three charming sterling silver hearts on either side.

For September Moms

The September birthstone is the alluring deep blue Sapphire gem. Historically, Sapphires have been a symbol of wisdom and purity and they were believed to bring peace between enemies and lovers closer to one another.

They were also thought to prevent poisoning if the wearer drank or ate a toxic substance – or if they were bitten by a venomous animal (though we don’t recommend you test this out!).

25. Tasteful Sapphire Flower Ring

Floral jewelry brings about a feminine and delicate aura. Though the shape of this ring is floral in resemblance, it’s a very mute shape and not extremely pronounced or gaudy.

The center of the flower is a circular Sapphire gemstone, which is surrounded by a petal-shaped halo. Both the halo and band are riddled with glistening white Sapphires.

26. Flashy Blue and White Sapphire Halo Ring

This big, flashy ring would make a beautiful gift for a September mom who loves bling! The large, Emerald-cut Sapphire is surrounded by two gorgeous halos.

The first halo created with white Sapphires to catch the light and add a twinkle to the ring, and the second halo made of rectangular blue Sapphires to accentuate the center stone.

White Sapphires also line the band of this fashionable birthstone ring.

27. Chevron Blue and White Sapphire Ring

This simplistic, but ravishing blue and white Sapphire ring would make a great addition to any ring set. It can be worn alone for a subtle shine or with other rings to enhance their appearance.

Slightly curved into a semi-heart shape, the band of this ring is adorned by both blue and white Sapphires, with the white primarily on one side and the blue on the other.

For October Moms

Opal is the birthstone that represents October Moms. A symbol of confidence in oneself and undying faithfulness to loved ones, the Opal has been deemed by many societies as a precious and well sought after gem. The Ancients believed that the Opal warded off evil spirits and protected the eyes of the wearer from blindness during their lives.

28. Triple Stone Pear Shaped Opal Ring

This beautiful ring is designed with three pear-shaped Opals. Each of the Opals is encompassed by Diamond accents to bring the eye to the birthstone by catching the light.

The stones spread across the entirety of the width of the finger, and rest atop a smooth sterling silver band.

29. Triple Heart Opal and Diamond Accented Ring

A common theme throughout this article has been the love of a mother for her children represented through heart-shaped gems. And this ring fits that theme perfectly.

This ring features three Opal hearts – the center stone larger than the two on either of its sides – which sit atop a split sterling silver band. The band is accented by Diamonds to create a drawing shimmering effect.

30. Sophisticated Cushion Cut Opal Ring

Unlike the previous two Opal rings, this ring focuses primarily on a center, larger Opal gemstone. This cushion cut Opal sits on a split shank ring band adorned with white Sapphires.

For November Moms

The November birthstone is the sophisticated golden yellow Topaz. The Topaz was often thought to bring the wearer increased intellect and strengthen them in times of trials. Topaz is also a symbol of desire and affection for loved ones.

31. Double Stone Emerald Cut Citrine Ring

This gorgeous ring is detailed with two Emerald-cut Citrine gems. They’re placed in twisted, overlapping sterling silver arms and lined with white Topaz stones.

32. Double Row Oval-Shaped Citrine Ring

This ring was created with two rows of four Oval-shaped Citrine stones. It rests on a sterling silver band and looks beautiful with its width stretching across the finger.

33. Baguette Citrine and White Sapphire Accented Ring

Definitely our favorite November birthstone ring, this ring is adorned with a large sideways baguette Citrine and surrounded by a halo of white Sapphires that proceeds down the sterling silver band.

For December Moms

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December. This stone is said to bring relaxation and protection over the wearer and is a symbol of honesty and clear emotions.

34. Swirl Frame Blue Topaz Ring

This beautiful blue Topaz is placed in an odd but appealing swirling frame. The frame itself creates a halo around the gem and is lined with white Sapphires. These white Sapphires also trail down the sterling silver band.

35. Open Shank Multi-Shade Blue Topaz Ring

Yet another distinctive piece of jewelry, this birthstone ring is adorned with four multi-shade blue Topaz gems. There are two bands to this ring that are covered in white Sapphires and connected by the string of Topaz.

This ring is very unique and stretches across the length of the midsection of the finger.

36. Triple Row Pear-Shaped Crossover Blue Topaz Ring

Similar to the open shank band above, this ring gives the appearance of three individual bands within one frame. In the center of the ring sits a large pear-shaped blue Topaz.

White Topaz stones are used to bring more of a shimmer to the sterling silver bands.

Final Thoughts

We love our moms, and one of the greatest personal gifts is one that represents the uniqueness of her life. Birthstone rings are a great way to show appreciation and gratefulness to have her by your side. We hope you enjoyed our article covering our favorite birthstone rings for mom and were inspired by our picks!