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Gift mom a Memory this Mothers Day

Last year during Christmas, if you remember, I showed you some totally fun ways that you can print your photos the same day and use them as gifts for the holidays. If you missed them, make sure you check them out because they are awesome if I do say so myself:



And with Mothers Day just a hop, skip, and a jump away, I wanted to remind you that its time again, to create something for your favorite person- MOM! You know, the one that cared for you forever and then some? Even when you didn’t deserve it? And before we get to the fun mothers day tutorial I’ll be cooking up this week, I wanted to re-remind you how to get some photos ready and at home.

Same Day photo Printing with CVS

Same day photo printing with CVS

We all do it- take 100s of pictures throughout the course of our weeks. But how many PRINT them? I am guilty, you are guilty, we are all guilty of loading them on FB or to our computer and moving onto the next moment, but displaying photos bring me SO MUCH JOY! And they don’t have to take a lot of time either. There two ways you can get those photos going.

  1. First, you can use CVS’s SAME DAY IN STORE PICK UP. That means you load right on their website and bam! You can pick up same day! Need a last minute gift? Photos work fantastic. Making a DIY like you saw here on MomDot? You can get started immediately!
  2. The other way is the CVS Pharmacy Mobile app printing feature. Prints be created right from your phone and even ordered from your Facebook account! Talk about simple.

Getting your photos printed or on the variety of gift ideas CVS has, will keep them in the limelight year round, bring you fantastic memories and also make wonderful gifts. When you walk in my house, I have photos everywhere!



Now I’ll be back later this week to share a tutorial for mom and how to encourage mom to GET IN THE PICTURE too!  In the mean time, head over and get your photos set up so you can be ready!

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