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Carving a Pumpkin…safely

Every year we decorate a pumpkin. A lot of times we paint it or put stickers on it…heck, last year, I coated mine in ribbons. {Surprised?}

This year we decided to carve a pumpkin that we could enjoy in the house but use a flashlight to light it up rather than a candle. As a family that has experienced a house fire before, I take very little chance when it comes to the safety of my child, pets, and husband.

So I purchased two pumpkins, one big and one little, and I personally tackled the small one (very sadly and pathetically I might add) and Chris and Charlotte took over the big one. As much as Charlotte has no problems rolling in the mud and being pretty much a tom boy dressed in boutique clothes, she couldn’t stand putting her hands in the slimy gunk that inhabits the inside of a pumpkin (although she did do it).

I heard the word “ewwwwwwwww” more times than I could physically stand and put a ban on it after about the 45th time.

Then she sat there and made “eww” faces instead.

I have no idea where she gets that stubborn streak.

(even gwennie joined in on the carving)

I made a little owl with my pumpkin….you can see on the top left corner picture there below.


That didn’t go so hoot. *snort*

Hey, my crafting limitations end at the glue gun.

Halloween Tip: Using a Flashlight over a candle allows you a safe and long lasting light that you need to show off your carving in or out of your home.

We placed a Mini Lantern inside ours and it worked perfectly!

You can see Chris looking ultra proud of his carving…

skeletonpumpkin (1)

I’ts so easy during the holidays to get caught up in the carving, the food, and the lights that you string up on your house that safety is often forgotten.  This year I implore that when you are enjoying time with your kids, and the excitement of your special holiday moments, please consider alternatives to keep your family safe.

Happy Halloween!



23 thoughts on “Carving a Pumpkin…safely”

  1. I’m letting Owen paint his pumpkin later today. He’s excited and I’m sure I’ll hear about it (Jeff’s mom bought it for Owen) since we didn’t carve it with his sister/niece but Owen asked to paint it over carving it (and I’m grateful for that one lol). I love the photos and that last one is priceless.

  2. Love it! That had to have taken some patience. Our pumpkins were uncarved as well on our step, but in my defense I had a birthday party to throw today. 🙂
    Thanks for the flashlight tip, I’ll remember that in the future.

  3. Love it!! I sat and watched my crew carve their own pumpkins… few things hotter than watching a grown man carve a Dora The Explorer out of a pumpkin, LOL
    Chris with facial hair caught me off guard, LOL

  4. Hey, I totally agree with Charlotte – EEWWW!! I have cleaned out a pumpkin ONCE and will not do it again, it is N-A-S-T-Y.
    Your photos are adorable… I love the one of Gwen and the one of Gwen & Charlotte. Plus you can certainly tell that your pumpkin is an owl, it is gorgeous.
    Great idea using a flashlight inside.

  5. We carved ours too early so they are pretty nasty. I got soooo tired of hearing ewww as well. The pumpkins turned out great, and love the tip! Have a great Halloween weekend!

  6. That is awesome I did not even think of the flashlight either such a great plan and I don’t have any this year but will for sure use it next year.

    I love your owl pumpkin you didn’t do bad at it at all.

  7. What a cute pumpkin. I don’t think I could make it look that good. We just shove a whole pumpkin out front. Last year both pumpkins got smashed. 🙁

  8. That’s awesome! I ever would have thought about suing a flashlight in the pumpkin.

    Her face doesn’t show much “ewwww”! So cuuuuute! 🙂

    • i know it doesnt…but im telling you, it was so annoying. I had my hands inside my pumpkin when she was really going and didnt want to touch my camera, but it was funny. Sticking out her tongue, going on and on…such a drama queen.

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