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Cat Beard isn’t so easy….

Over on my friend Kims site she had a post full of “cat beards”. I have seen these before and they are remarkably difficult to achieve.

I have a house full of very loved, very lazy, and all adopted cats. So of course every now and then I think of reasons to keep them on their cat paws and I decided to try to create a cat beard.

While they look mad, no cats were harmed in this filming.

Here are the 4 best photos I got….I do have another cat but after he saw this, he went all James Bond and disappeared.


And here are a few outtakes….oh hell, who am I kidding…they are all outtakes.


Cat Beard is impossible.


(Kim’s original article)

21 thoughts on “Cat Beard isn’t so easy….”

  1. Love your kitties! The 3rd picture is cute and it looks like that cat likes it! We have 3 fab felines and I just spent a month fostering a sweet boy (story on my blog) that we named Oliver that we found on our front doorstep…literally. His family (he had been neglected anyway) moved away and left him behind. I had him neutered, immunizied and microchipped and although I wanted to keep him because he was more loving and cuddly than our three cats, our cats just couldn’t accept him, so we just found a wonderful family with three daughters to give him to last week. I cried! But they were tears of joy, too. You are awesome to save the kitties that you have. I think cats are great pets. You are a good person!

  2. That black cat has me laughing so hard. It looks terrified!! Oh, I’m dying. My boys will love seeing these! With our 3 cats that would be hysterical!

  3. Bwhaha! Cat beard looks dangerous (how did they not claw you to pieces?) and difficult to achieve, and yet I have the urge to grab my dog and attempt a dog beard.

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