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Chocolate Covered Fresh Cherries

Although it’s not a fruit we have nearly often enough, fresh cherries are something I very much enjoy and chocolate covered fresh cherries? Even better! This is one simple, easy and inexpensive dessert idea that is romantic for Valentine’s Day but easy enough for every day of the week if you love and adore cherries and chocolate. And if you have left over cherries, you can always use them fresh in a Classic Cherry Pie.

Now, these particular cherries in the recipe below have stems (and so by default also seeds), but around here we do use a cherry pitter to de-seed first if we are going to eat them.

chocolate covered fresh cherries

Buy cherry pitter

YouTensils Cherry Pitter Tool - 6 Cherries at OnceYouTensils Cherry Pitter Tool – 6 Cherries at OnceIf you have never used a cherry pitter, you are missing out. They make enjoying fresh cherries EASY.

Before we get started, you need to buy a cherry pitter. I am telling you, it will change your cherry life. I used to avoid entirely purchasing bags of cherries because eating around the seeds and stems were totally annoying. On a whim, I purchased one of these when seeing it on Amazon.

<———–this is the one we use

Wanna see how it works?

Also, do not be afraid to use FRESH CHERRIES! Its easy with a cherry pitter…see Phoenyx demonstrate how to use one.


Chocolate Covered Fresh Cherries

Now that you have your pitted cherries, the rest of this is so super easy. Just buy some Wilton melting chocolate which comes in a TON of flavors.

Follow instructions on bag and dip cherries, then lay on parchment paper to harden.

If you remove the stems, just use a toothpick in order to dip them.

making chocolate covered fresh cherries

This idea requires no particular recipe and is super easy for kids to participate.

Consider dipping in sprinkles, nonpareils, or colored sugar to make them extra personal.

chocolate covered fresh cherries

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Chocolate Covered Fresh Cherries, how to take out cherry pits and stems and what chocolate to use for this tasty treat