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Day #4: Ok, So I cheated a *little*

This is day 4 on the cabbage diet or dolly parton diet for me… well, day four and a half technically. Sunday night when I was prepping the soup, I ate two bowls. Just ignore the fact that I followed it with a half cup of reeses peanut butter cup ice cream. I was raving about how good the soup was to my dh… I should have just waited to start the diet. You could be on a cheesecake and steak diet and by Day #4 you would be over it.

Cabbage Soup Recipe for the Cabbage Soup Diet, fantastic, tasty and more delicious than you can imagine

Lesson learned.

The one thing I have really discovered in all this is that it’s about willpower. Its not about what you are eating, its about taking care to eat fresh as much as you can. Fresh vegis, fresh fruit, drinking water, all natural juices. Its about going into the kitchen to get a snack and choosing a peach over chips or some celery over 2 cookies. And while that is the most logical statement in the world, its so often we make excuses to grab the quickest-and tastiest- item in the pantry.

Now yesterday I was telling you all that I woke up ready to take on the world. And I did. But as the day went on, I started to feel more and more down about the blandness of the items I was eating. I’m a girl that is used to some carbs. Be that rice, noodles, french break (ah, how I love french bread), just something, anything, white and fluffy.This diet does not consist of white and fluffy.

Day #3 was all the fruit you could eat, all the vegis you could eat, and the soup.


All in all, Day #3 I ate:

  • 2 red plums-did you know how good plumbs are?
  • Peach
  • 1 plain applesauce-no sugar added
  • 1 pomegranate applesauce- no sugar added (this was GOOD!)
  • 2 celery sticks cut up and dipped in ranch seasoning and vinegar
  • 2 bowls of cabbage soup (one I flavored w/ cinnamon and Tabasco)
  • handful of fresh mushrooms
  • lots of water, unsweet tea, and cran-grape juice

My Cheating:

  • 3 m&ms (have you ever tried to have just 3? I should get an award.)
  • 1 tic tac
  • 1/2 of 1 strip of boneless, skinless chicken fried up with no stick spray and torn into about 6 pieces. I threw that into my dinner bowl of soup
  • 1 sun chip
  • approx 4-5 oz of Chai Tea (all natural, no artificial anything, no fats, etc.)


Weight Changes

Started at 111.8

Day #2: morning: 110 even

Day #3: morning:  109.2

Day #4: (today) 108.2

Total: 3.6 pounds


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Today we embark on day #4. Its banana and milk day. I was so exited to get up and have a banana it felt like Christmas. I had a half of glass of milk, which honestly tasted awkward after the whole week with no dairy, and a banana that was just on the edge of more ripe than I generally enjoy. I plan on making a banana smoothie with my lunch. It sounds good in my head.

Oh, btw, I think I’m making my DH feel guilty. He is bypassing the coffee on this way to work. When one family member changes…they all change. Just keep that in mind.



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13 thoughts on “Day #4: Ok, So I cheated a *little*”

  1. This doesn’t sound like a lot of food. Do you feel full on this diet? I get it’s totally about the willpower but seeing what you ate in writing, it just doesn’t seem like much.

    • See, when i read it…i get that. I was writing it out today and im like…thats it? But the truth is I was fine and felt very full. Fruit and vegis fill you up… i just never took the time to realize that if i chose those over something else, not once or twice a week, but EVERY TIME, I wouldnt be hungry and I would have the added benefit of losing weight.

      I am not lying to you..anytime I am hungry I eat someting (mostly) that falls on this diet and im fine. Try eating a peach next time you are hungry…you will get full.

      I think a lot of what we eat is mental…im bored, ill eat. I am watching tv, ill eat…my child is eating so ill eat. When I went to just eating when i was truly hungry, i felt full quite quickly.

      • I fall into that pit: eating when I’m bored or when I’m on the computer or watching TV. I have stopped buying junk food and it’s helped but I do need to take it a step further and eat when I’m only hungry & not distracted.

        Between you, Kim & Lori, I’m feeling inspired! TY

  2. You guys are great! I’ve been stalking both of you since i found momdot this past march! i wish i hade to motivation to do this…good luck and keep up the good work!

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