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My husband told me I look thinner!

It’s official. My DH told me today I look thinner.

I went to bed last night a little worried. I have a bad habit of weighing myself all day. I just like to see if it moved up or down. Its kinda interesting to watch and see what your body is processing and what its storing. I started the day at 108.2 and I stayed that way the entire day….then bam! Right before I went to bed I was showing 109.2 and I started to get annoyed.

What if I wake up and I am the same weight. Or higher.

What if I ate this freaking soup all day for nothin. Its good, don’t get me wrong.

I am just over it.

Let me back up. Yesterday was bananas and milk day on the cabbage soup diet. I had been planning the entire week to eat a banana smoothie-which I did. Unfortunately that’s the only extras you could have. Bananas, milk, and soup. Blah. I really thought because I was sick of fruits and raw vegis, it wouldn’t be hard but I really wanted something else. Bananas are heavy and I didn’t want to eat them all day.

The mental challenge of it all has been really straining.

I have to admit I cheated again…oh, shocked? Yeah, you are not. The key to cheating, however, is to cheat healthy.

Overall I ate:

  • a handful of cauliflower (raw)
  • a half an orange
  • 3 bananas ( 2 of those I created a smoothie out of w/ some of the milk below..I also added cinnamon and vanilla to spice it up- top w/ a twisty straw!)
  • 2 glasses of milk (I had 2% instead of skim…that’s one change I wont be making)
  • 2 bowls of Cabbage Soup, one included some cut up boneless skinless chicken
  • i ate a small piece of sliced cheese off my daughters plate
  • vitamins (I am taking them to be on the safe side)

Important to note that I have been doing some light exercise with my exercise ball.

Weight Changes

Started at 111.8

Day #2: morning: 110 even

Day #3: morning:Β  109.2

Day #4: (today) 108.2

Day #5: I am happy to announce I woke up 107.8!!!!!!!!!


I realize the change wasn’t drastic, I actually don’t have gobs of weight to lose in the grand scheme of things, but to see the scale fall anywhere in the 107 range feels like massive progress.

Yesterday I also had a persistent headache. I am sure it was finally that no caffeine thing that was catching up with me. I ran out of cranberry juice AND tea both, so my body may have been reacting to being stuck with only water all day. Who knows. But my DH went out and brought me back some sweet tea and this cran-apple juice that is fabulous.

The first thing he said when he walked in the door was that its hard to pick out a healthy juice. He was telling me how everything was mixed with concentrate or had loads of sugar and preservatives. He is so right. I have the same problem every time I go to pick out a “healthy” product too. It takes some major knowledge to get it right. He did great though.

He found this Healthy Balance juice that only has 29 calories in an 8oz glass.

That was much better than I have been drinking. I am going to save some calories.

Today is protein day..not that I haven’t been sneaking that.

Day 5:Β  Cabbage soup, up to 20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish, up to six fresh tomatoes, and at least 6-8 glasses of water.


Kill me.



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21 thoughts on “My husband told me I look thinner!”

  1. WTG Trisha! I’m sure that amount of weight on you would be a big difference. I love that you are completely honest and post your little “cheats.” I definitely would have a hard time not cheating. That juice looks yummy too.

  2. DID I Read that right? YOUR on a diet at 111 lbs and now your 107! What are YOU NUTS!

    I’d kill to be back at 111 although I don’t think I’ve weight that since like High school

    Trisha your a beautiful girl inside and out STOP looking in the mirror and seeing the opposite of what others see. FiRM and tone is the best for a perfect body.
    Congrats on your wieght loss. As long as your happy I’ll be happy for you

    • I apprieciate that, but what is thin for some is not thin for others. I dont believe anyone that met me would call me thin..they would call me normal. And 107 is better, but 111 IS big on my frame. I gained weight in a slow way over the past year eating junk in small bites HERE on my computer.

      The scale was simply something that let me know that I was not eating correctly. All the extra weight I carry is plain fat. Its not muscle and its not healthy. Its bad for my heart and that means its bad for my child.

      A healthy weight for my frame and height is 104. That will include exercise and eating correctly.

      It has nothing to do with “i want to be thin”, its I want a lifestyle change that benefits my entire family, including my own cholesterol, heart health, and even just walking around the block.

      We may have started this just to check it out, but I think kim and i both ended with a lesson on our bodies, food, and what changes we need to make in our habits.

  3. I love the Healthy Balance juices. I found them when I was hunting for a better juice too. It’s amazing how many juice varieties there are out there claiming to be 100% juice WITH added sugar, water, and a host of other ingredients I can’t pronounce! It’s actually kind of depressing when I think about it! πŸ™

    Good job on the dieting!

  4. Congrats for sticking with it. I would’ve given up after the first day. My weight fluctuates up to 4lbs in one day I’ve discovered by playing the Wii Fit and weighing myself. Any weight loss less than that I attribute to water weight.

    • i have a scale that tells you your water weight. πŸ™‚ I actually only flucuate very small percentages of that, so you may want to get a scale that gives you fat, weight, and water weight. They are about $30-$50

  5. Sounds like your doing good. Maybe I need to do it cause I certainly need to lose some weight myself.

  6. It sounds like you’re doing great and getting results! I’m envious, I wish I could stick to a diet! You’d think with me doing Jazzercise 3-4 days a week, I’d lose something! I may have to try this diet ! Keep it up!

  7. I dunno ’bout the whole cabbage soup diet thing (and I like cabbage, veggies, etc.) but I’m happy for you-and you’ve re-inspired me to go back to eating healthier. I also agree…you were a hottie before-but I know each woman has their own idea of what they should look like/are comfortable at.

  8. Great work on your healthy changes! I’m glad you discovered our Healthy Balance juices and that they fit with your diet goals πŸ™‚ We’d love to have you check out the rest of our product line, plus coupons and promotions on our website or Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/healthybalance Cheers!

  9. I think you looked like a total MILF and therefor don’t get the diet-but if it’s something that will make you feel better about yourself KUDOS to you for making the changes.

    A healthier lifestyle is definitely a positive.


  10. In my eyes you deserve an award for sticking with this diet, or any diet for that matter. I can’t stick to one for more than a few hours it seems.
    And I feel your pain on those caffeine headaches, being a self proclaimed Mountain Dew addict myself.
    Good luck!

  11. Just be careful of those headaches, Trisha. Sometimes diets like this can mess up your blood sugar levels. Those can cause headaches that make you want to lie in a dark room and suck your thumb for hours…

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