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Ebates: the online shopping hack that PAYS you to shop!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ebates. All opinions are 100% mine. 

One word will transform your shopping forever-


Let’s get real here. Every mom knows the torture of shopping with kids.

Oh sure, there might be some fresh, young mom who thinks it’ll be different for them, but no. Theirs is an untried theory. I used to think the same thing….

The Dream

You hold your wee one in your arms and dream about the day when you get to share your favorite pastime – (shopping!) – with your loved Little Lamb. 

You picture it – holding hands with your child, skipping down the aisles of the mall. Daylight streams in from the skylights, filtering the pair of you in a buttery glow. Music fills the air. You joyously float from store to store, finding treasures and bargains in every door you enter…. 


The Reality

You’re holding the hand of your child.

Dragging them.

In tears.

It’s torture, my friends!

The Solution

My solution and saving grace has become online shopping. There’s no hassle! No dragging kids from store to store. No more hours on your feet. No more bribery for good behavior. No more begging for ‘one more store’. None of that!

With online shopping, switching from store to store is as quick as a mouse click. My kids and I have found a middle ground of happiness as we snuggle next to each other at the computer screen, visiting a dozen stores and flipping from item to item in a fraction of the time. We get all our shopping done without ever having to leave our house.

They love it because it’s faster and easier.

I love it because no one turns into a monster.


The only thing that could make it better was if you got paid to do it.

Wait! You can!

Let me introduce you to my favorite website, Ebates.

Ebates: How to get Paid to Shop!

Ebates.com is the online shopping hack that PAYS you to shop! In fact, Ebates has helped over 11 million customers save their hard-earned money! And it can help you too!

They are partnered with over 2,500 of the biggest name brands like Ebay, Groupon, Walmart, Target, JCPenney’s, Kohl’s, and more! Just think of your back-to-school shopping list. Is Crazy 8, The Children’s Place, Gap, Justice, or Old Navy on there? Download the Ebates Cash Back Button browser extension and not only save time, but automatically get notified for up to 15% cash back (as well as special coupons and deals!) for doing the shopping that you were already going to do!

Save Money on Weddings, School Clothes, and more!

It doesn’t stop at children’s clothes, though! My dear friend, Kim, just got engaged over the weekend! Are you like her and have a wedding to plan? Use Ebates to put cash back into your pocket as you shop at Zales, 1800FLOWERS, Bloomingdale’s, Shutterfly, Nordstrom Rack, Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, and more! They can even help you out on the honeymoon! They’re partnered with Expedia, Marriott, Avis, Enterprise, Groupon – on and on!

Getting a feel for it? They are partnered with SO MANY of the stores YOU want!

The Cash Back Button

Even with as great as Ebates is, the real star is the Cash Back Button. As I mentioned above, it is a browser extension that makes it even easier to save money. It automatically alerts you if cash back is available at the store you’re shopping online at, applies the best coupons at checkout, and notifies you if a product is available somewhere else at a lower price! Hello!! That is a game-changer!

The Ebates Cash Back Button is the best shopping friend you never knew you needed!

Ebates really works!

I am still a newbie to Ebates. I’ve only used it for a couple months, but I have already earned over $65 back! That’s CASH back, right into my pocket, for spending money I was already planning on spending!

And that’s just a tiny fraction of what they’ve given back. Ebates has paid out over 1 BILLION DOLLARS in cash back over the last 19 years! Don’t miss out on your share of that!

Have I convinced you yet?! You need this!

Sign up today!

For everything from nuptials to nursery school, Ebates will save you time and money. Sign up and download the Cash Back Button. It has truly enhanced the way I buy online. All it takes is one click to find and get the best deals, and then it turns around and pays me for using it! It can do the same for you!

Sign up and start getting paid to shop today!

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