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Ever After High Raven Doll : OMG!

Ever After High Raven doll is one of the most beautiful Ever After High dolls there are.

 Growing up there was no doubt that I had a huge selection of dolls. I was somewhere around the 6th grade when one of my neighbors “borrowed” them and they all came back with their heads broken off. Talk about a serious lesson on loaning your toys out!  Charlotte is the same way. We have dolls littering our yard, the bathtub, her bedroom and the toy room, so she was really excited when I introduced her to Ever After High: Royal and Rebel Connection, which included the Ever after high raven doll! raven ever after high

Ever after high raven doll

What we loved about this rebel doll: Have you seen her? She is beautiful! With her gorgeous long flowing hair, beautiful accessories, and fancy dress, this is one doll you will want in your collection. If you don’t know this fashion doll line, you must get to know them.

  • Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen, decides to flip tradition on its crown and chose her own destiny!
  • The posable dolls are dressed in spellbinding outfits that take a modern spin off their parents’ legacies and are recognizable from the webisodes
  • Each comes with a doll stand, signature-style headpiece, detailed jewelry, handbag, a pair of spelltacular shoes and a doll hairbrush
  • Get each character’s exclusive story in the included story bookmark
  • Raven doll’s black iridescent bodice rises dramatically up to a tall, silvery feather-detailed collar that complements the silver atop her spiked headband
  • Stacked bangle bracelets with a jewel ring, open-toe wedges and a shimmery black studded clutch purse complete her edgy rebel look



The all new Ever After High™ fashion doll line brings you the fairytales you know and love, with a modern twist! Featuring six new and exclusive characters – all children of traditional fairytales – girls can choose to play with with Apple White, Ashlynn Ella, Briar Beauty, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter, or Hunter Huntsman. These new characters make up the Royals and the Rebels, but every true Ever After High™ girl has a little of both in her.

With the ability to write and re-write their own destinies, the new characters help give girls the confidence they need to make their own choices in life. Only Mattel’s Ever After High™ dolls encourage girls to free themselves from predetermined expectations and write their own “happily ever after!”

Ever after high rebel dolls

Currently consisting of Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter, the girls are modern, fun, and just the right amount of spunk for my 8 years olds imagination. And with additional toys like the Ever After High Secret Hearts Password Journal, your fan will be in love with her growing collection.  Ever After High Diary ever after high Things you will love about this journal:

  • Voice-activated Ever After High Secret Hearts Diary will keep your secrets safe forever after!
  • Diary holds both sides of your story – one side for your Royal thoughts and the other for your Rebel dreams
  • Each side has a unique password that is voice-activated and set by you
  • Also comes with a pen, a Royal journal, a Rebel journal and a key
  • Get the scoop on Royal and Rebel hangouts, classes, gossip and more on hexclusive cards included in the Secret Hearts Diary


15 thoughts on “Ever After High Raven Doll : OMG!”

  1. My girls never got into dolls but my nieces have luckily. It is fun playing with them and their dolls. These dolls are really pretty and your daughter is just gorgeous!

  2. The name of these dolls is really fitting in my book. They look like little rebels for sure. I was never one to play with dolls growing up. However, Zeva seems to show major interest in them. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. I can definitely see that diary becoming popular here. Isn’t it amazing how dolls have transformed over the years?

  4. These dolls are so cute! I only had a few growing up but my friend had a whole dresser full of dolls and accessories and I loved going over there to play!

  5. These are really cool. My son would have no interest in them. And my daughter is too young for them yet. But my cousins daughter is the same age as my son and she would love one of these dolls. So I will definitely be joining in on the conversation tomorrow evening. Thanks for sharing Trisha! Here is my twitter handle: @bekkii1820cb

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