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Flight of the Navigator and Princess Bride

Just wanted to share a few photos (that you may have already seen on my facebook!) from Halloween last night. We had a great time and our neighborhood was so considerate with all the kids. They handed out chips, pretzels, candy, sports balls for the boys, trinkets, tiaras, stickers, fruit chews, full sized candy bars…..it was like Mardi Gras! Phoenyx had a wonderful time watching all the kids and was a trooper to the last second when I dropped him into bed. Unfortunately, daddy was out of town (the nature of being a working man) and missed it. Overall, best Halloween yet!

Greeting our front door, Charlotte the Bride.



Phoenyx the Navigator.

flight-costumeI got this at Fly Boys and they do flight suits for kids and you can pick the patches.

I picked all the ones that his daddy had when he was in the military, so he was a mini daddy!

Here is a better view of his costume from a few weeks ago:

What were your kids for Halloween?


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