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Spectacular Waterfall Underground

Late last week Lynsey and I took an epic road trip home, where we managed to turn a 9 hour trip into 14 hours. ( like only we know how to do)

Part of that reason was due to signs we saw all along the highway advertising some sort of amazing placed called Ruby Falls and based on the signs, we COULD NOT MISS.

So after a trip off the interstate that pretty much landed us at a gas station where the attendant was holding up ONE DOLLAR BILLS to make sure they were real, and a long winding road up a mountain that I was sure we would plummet off of, we made it to Ruby Falls.

I have to admit, it was a pretty cool adventure. We paid about $20 and got in line to go into an elevator shaft that dropped you deep into the mountain. Then we walked about 1200 feet to a cave that hosted a waterfall smack dab in the middle of it. It was pretty hard to take pictures, mainly because the group was moving fast and you felt guilty if you stood there long enough to prep a shot. Plus, it was relatively dark resulting in camera shake. Nonetheless, I wanted to share because it really was an amazing sight. The pictures you see below are not edited to create these colors, but are lighting inside the cavern to help accentuate what you see. If they didn’t have lights, the entire place would be black as black could be.


Then we reached the cavern with the waterfall….



Ruby Falls also has an underground Haunted House every Halloween that was rated by the Travel Channel as the 6th scariest haunted house in the US.

You can read about that here.

Don’t forget to share by a thumbs up or a facebook like if you enjoyed this waterfall and if you get a chance to stop at Ruby Falls, I encourage you to do so! Amazing!


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  1. Hey love the pics. I know this post was from several years ago but I’m from East Tennessee and I’ll fill you in on the “checking the dollar bills” thing. Around the summer of 2011 we had a group of “smart” crooks print their own dollar bills. The final amount was over several ten thousands. Perfect plan to them because no one checked the dollar bill!! I live in a small town and many businesses lost money, including some small mom and pop places. For the next couple years, every bill was checked. While it may just be a dollar to us, if 1 out of every 10 had fake ones, knowingly or otherwise, the business would lose a great deal of money.

  2. This place looks really neat. I was just talking yesterday about how I want to take my kids to these underground caves I went to when I was young. I would much rather see this place.

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