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How to make a chocolate shampoo

How to make a chocolate shampoo

Chocolate has now moved from the category of goodies into the ranks of popular cosmetic ingredients. Chocolate body wraps, masks, lip balms added with grated cocoa conquer the cosmetics industry with its first use. Chocolate cosmetics can transform not only the skin but also the hair. We will show you how to make chocolate shampoo that gives hair shine and softness, as well as significantly increasing the amount of hair.

We will need:

  • – 55 grams of chamomile hydrosol
  • – The basis for shampoo Organic 30g
  • – Cocoa beans 5 g
  • – Soluble castor oil 3 g
  • – Peptides cottonseed protein 3 g
  • – 2 g of cetyl alcohol
  • – Lactic acid, 1 g
  • – Phenoxyethanol 0.8 g
  • – Chocolate mousse flavor 0.2 g

Weigh hydrosol and put it in a heated water bath.
Cocoa mass, cetyl alcohol, and water-soluble castor oil should also be weighed and put in a water bath until they are completely melted.
Pour the hot chocolate mass into a hot hydrosol.

Mix everything well.
Wait until the mixture has cooled to 30-35 degrees and add the basis for a shampoo mix.
In the shampoo mix, add peptides, cotton protein and preservatives.

chocolate-shampoo (3)
The shampoo now has a distinct smell of chocolate, but make it more enjoyable by adding a little chocolate flavoring.
Mix all and pour into a pre-sanitized bottle. Thanks to the formulation of cetyl alcohol, the shampoo now turns thick and gets that “industrial” consistency.

To slightly lower the pH of the shampoo, add lactic acid.
Chocolate Shampoo makes enough thick foams well and cleanse the hair well. After using  it, the hair becomes soft, voluminous, and shiny.

Shampoo foam comes in chocolate color. It’s important to wash your hair for as long as washable water runs clear.
If your hair is in good condition, after washing the hair with chocolate shampoo, it no longer requires the use of balm. For dry and damaged hair, it is better apply conditioner or balm conditioner.

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