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How to Make Iced Tea with Keurig

For the longest time, I had heard you could make iced tea with a Keurig. In my head it went like this: Brew hot tea, put in a fridge. For me, way too much work to plan ahead for tea! And in the south we drink SO much iced (and sweet) tea that I wanted it fresh when I wanted it. Then one of my friends said…you know there is an ICE button right? 

I have a first edition Keurig and in the past I can’t tell you how many years, I have NEVER even looked! Color me shocked when I realized it was sitting RIGHT next to the regular coffee brew buttons. 

I have seriously been wasting years of my life. 

But FEAR NOT! I am here to let you know that you can brew fresh iced tea in almost an INSTANT with your Keurig. And even more to the rescue, Lipton, one of my favorite teas, have several iced tea options right on the market for a one-stop shop for sipping the good life this summer. 

Here, I’ll show you!

iced tea brewed on keurig


Prefer to see on video? Check this out!

Brew Iced Tea With Keurig

 This summer, iced tea is easy as 1-2-3! Thanks to Lipton K-Cups is easier than ever to make iced tea for your summer activities, just put a k-cup in your Keurig, brew over ice, and then enjoy! And now, you can get these K-Cups from Target at 5% off thanks to Cartwheel. Dates: 5/24/15 – 7/18/15



Want to try your own? 

Come over to our Facebook page and enter to win a $50 Target card to help with your purchase this summer and enjoy fresh tasting tea with all your meals! 



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