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15 DIY Ways to Make Snow Globes

15 diy snow globe ideas

As a child, I loved snow globes. I would pick them up every time I saw them during my vacations (hello! we all buy them at the airport!), received them as gifts from out of town family members and now my daughter collects them!

I think the love of snow globes is not an uncommon one.  I have been watching “DIY SNOW GLOBE IDEAS” explode on the internet for quite some time. Admittedly when I first stay them I had a “why didn’t I think of that” moment but there are so many creative and fun ways that bloggers are coming up with, I am happy to learn from others! If you are like me and constantly looking for new and creative ways to for your ccollection here are 15 beautiful snow globe DIY options that are sure to make the enthusiast in you very very happy.

Create at Home Snow Globes

1) Snow globes are one of the most attention-grabbing activities you can do with your kids. Make a snow globe with your kids, and let them put their own unique touch on them.

make a snow globe with your kids
photo courtesy of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

2) Make a super easy DIY glow in the dark snowman snow globe that your kids will love just as much as you do. There is nothing better than something that glows in the dark, right?

3) Use stickers to create a unique and magical snow globe that would look lovely in a nursery or children’s room. I know I never thought to use stickers, this is genius!

4) Make a Santa or Gingerbread man snow globe that will look wonderful on your mantle every holiday season.

5) Check out this Christmas snow globe!

Christmas Snow Globes
photo courtesy of The Pleasantest Thing

6) Take the water from the equation and give the illusion of a snow globe with this preschool friendly snow globe box tutorial.

7) Gift of curiosity shows us how to make snow globes with all of the little knick-knacks we have laying around.

8) Take snow globes to the next level with Snow Globe Bottle Art. Bring the nostalgia of stained glass windows to your snow globe collection with this easy DIY.

9) Create a scene of Christmas morning with this snow globe tutorial that will show you how to make a true white Christmas globe.

10) Creating a winter wonderland snow globe is easy when you have miniature Christmas trees and curious reindeer to grace your globe.

DIY snowglobe
photo courtesy of See Vanessa Craft

11) This snow globe tutorial for kids adds in glitter!  The kid-friendly instructions are sure to make your snow globe loving children very happy.

12) Make an incredibly fun and educational snow globe with a DIY I-Spy Snow globe. Imagine how peaceful the drive to the Christmas party will be when your kids are obsessed with finding and naming every single item in their snow globe??

13) Red Ted Art shows us just a small sampling of the many different snow globe themes that can be made. Any theme fits a snow globe- just have to find some miniatures.

14) Make a glittery Frozen inspired snow globe for the princesses in your life who just can’t seem to get past singing “Let It Go!”

15) Celebrate family with this very unique fingerprint snow globe ornament from The Nerd’s Wife. What a gorgeous way to display!

Fingerprint snowman snow globe ornament
photo courtesy The Nerd’s Wife