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How to pick a Power Wheel for a young Child

Power wheels for 2 year old

Are you looking for the perfect power wheel for a 2 year old? When Charlotte was little we had our share of “power” toys. Aside from everything the neighbors owned she started out with a Dora the Explorer Go-Kart and graduated to a one woman jeep.  She also had a BMW Peddle car. One thing I have learned over the years is that buying a power wheel is like buying a pair of $30 jeans for a 2 year old. They are OH SO CUTE in the moment but grow out of them quickly. It’s really easy to get a power wheel that is too small just the same as it is to get one that is too big.



Top pick for Power Wheels for 2 year olds

Things to note when buying a Power Wheel for 2 year olds:

  1. Most Power Wheels at this age do go backwards
  2. Look for a push button versus a foot push
  3. You can buy motorized power wheels with a remote that parents can control

One of the best you can buy for this age group is actually a Go-Kart. Because the car is low to the ground, its super easy to get in and out. A Go-Kart version also allows a childs legs to stretch out, giving you maximum capacity on these typically smaller set of wheels. Kids grow quick so if you choose to get one this young, you likely will be purchasing a new one by the time they are 3.5 years old. 

Fisher-Price Get Set GO! Kart with Sponge Bob

  • Push-button operation for each stop & go 2 mph (3.2 km/h) max. forward only
  • Drives on hard surfaces and grass
  • Includes 6-volt battery and charger



power wheels for 2 year olds


Super Mario Kart Ride On Vehicle

power wheels for 2 year old

  • The Super Mario Ride On Kart is a 6 volt single seat toddler battery powered 6V ride on based on the popular video game.
  • It is specifically designed for toddlers with it’s easy to use operation.
  • It goes 2.5 mph.
  • It features signature sounds effects from the video game.

Purchase this rider here


Power Wheels Lil’ Lightning McQueen  from Toys R Us

power wheel for young kids

  • Single push-button operation for simple stop & go
  • Wide door openings for easy in & out
  • Three sounds modes let you choose English or Spanish phrases plus cool racecar sounds, or racecar sounds only
  • Drives 2 mph max. forward on hard surfaces and grass
  • Includes 6-volt battery and charger

Purchase this power wheel here



Lil Patrol 6V, Blue and White

motorcycle power wheel





Here is Phoenyx riding his for Halloween.


  • Storage case in the back
  • Headlights and sirens
  • 6V rechargable battery

It has forward and backward, a foot press that is simple to push, a cute light that has a police siren, and is overall perfect for his long legs. Please note that this has a FOOT press vs a steering press, but still easy to use. It also charges pretty quickly and has so far held a charge for a long time. This is NOT a heavy duty power wheel and will not last forever, but it gave us quite a bit of fun and was easy to use in the house as well as outside. Other choices are little quads.

Purchase this car here

Peddle Cars: Maybe not!

While super cute and we had a fun time with it, you are looking at the extent of her experience with it. You have to have some pretty long legs to actually use the peddles. We found it when she was under a year old but she was nearly 4 before she could ride it on her own. Peddle cars have a long range from the seat to the peddle so her legs were just way too short. By the time she got old enough to ride it, she was far more into a bike. Overall I would skip a peddle car for a young age, but if you are looking for one, the  InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is very cute.


pedal car for 2 year olds

Stylish, nostalgic fire truck pedal car for children ages 3 and up

  • Solid steel frame with authentic detailing brings back old memories
  • Adjustable pedal drive fits a wide range of children; lead-free paint
  • Rubber tires and chrome hub caps feel smooth and look great
  • Easy-to-control steering wheel; 70-pound weight limit; some assembly required

Buy Peddle Car here on Amazon

Remote Control Power Wheels

Did you now they have power wheels for your child that include parental controls? If your child is old enough to love cars but not quite old enough to handle them, check out remote controlled power wheels. While more expensive, they make a very fun gift that even adults can enjoy!

Tips when deciding what Power Wheel To Buy a Toddler

  • While kids grow quickly, they don’t grow THAT quickly. I always thought I would buy a power wheel a little “bigger” so they could “grow into it” but these types of toys are not like clothing. Buy the size that is good for your kid now or it will be a fancy decoration.  The smaller your kid is, the cheaper they are as well.
  • I have personally found that the vehicles like the motorcycle and go-kart last longer because their legs have more space.
  • For younger kids, having a push button on the steering wheel seems to work the best. When they get closer to 2, the foot press is OK as long as its not too far for them to press. On the motorcycle their foot rests on it. On larger cars like an Audi power wheel, it requires too much force.
  • Younger kids have a hard time understanding forward and backwards but if there is an option on your age appropriate power wheel, get the one with backwards too.

Shop more Power Wheels for Toddlers here


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  1. I honestly never thought twice of thinking before getting a power wheels for my kids, the daughter basically handed down her Jeep power wheels from her Dad’s home to my oldest son and he did awesome with it. My youngest son, however, took it upon himself to cut all of the wires while on watch by his Dad… RIP power wheels. I love watching P on this in the FB pics you shared!

  2. I have been eyeing up one at Sam’s Club but am worried, like you said, he will grow out of it too quickly. Maybe I need to think again about it!

  3. I love the motorcycle but we went with a little tricycle and then a little mini bicycle for our 7 year old when he was 4 years old. I loved his tricycle because it looked like a little swinn, it was great!

  4. My boys were about two when we bought them their first Jeep power car. I agree with you that they outgrow them fairly quickly but they sure do have fun with them. 🙂

  5. What adorable children – just love the expressions on their faces.
    I honestly can’t remember what the ages of my children were…we’ve bought so many PowerWheels over the years.

  6. My boys loved their riding jeep when they were little! I bet they would have loved a little motorcycle like that. Also, WOW your kids look so much alike!

  7. Gavyn had the same go cart style though not Dora. It was red and was awesome. He was 1 and it was perfect for him to get in and out. Zoe got her first one last Christmas which is a 4-wheeler. She adores it. Great tips!

  8. The above comment reminds me of my childhood! I had one of those flintstone type cars as a kid! nothing too fancy schmancy and lasted way longer than power wheels.

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