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How to Tie Dye a shirt (fun Craft project!)

This weekend we were looking for a craft project the whole family could get involved in and I had seen these Tie Dye kits at hobby lobby for $20, so we went out to grab one.

(tip: Hobby Lobby does 40% off regularly priced products coupons on their site weekly…print one off first!)

The kit came with 6 colors (although we only used 4 at this time), rubber bands, gloves, and extra dye in it for the future. We bought our shirts separately for $2.50.

Cost was under $20 and in the future will be even lower because we have more dye left in our kit.

This is one project that was ultra messy no matter what, so we decided to do it in the backyard on the grass, which turned out to be a really good idea. While we attempted to use gloves, and you really should, they were getting in the way, so we just worked with dyed hands.

I am sure that’s some sort of bio-hazard.

All you do is add water to the bottles with your dye and shake up. Fold your shirt and tie w/ rubber bands in odd places. You can really get creative here.

If you decide not to rubber band, you can also paint or sponge on the dye making a specific pattern or writing a name.

Once you have added the dye to your shirt, wrap in plastic wrap for 6-8 hours to set, then rinse the shirt out in the sink, wash in hot water (by itself of course) in your washer, and dry.



(its suggested you wash alone for the first couple washes as the dye runs out..you don’t want blue towels)

Warning: this dye gets on EVERYTHING.

It was on our legs, hands, fingernails, you name it. Soap does not get it off. However, if you spray a little Clorox bleach spray on your hands and rub under running water, it comes off in a snap.

No fear, clorox is here!

Have fun…


28 thoughts on “How to Tie Dye a shirt (fun Craft project!)”

  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I got my kiddo some white tees at Walmart for $1 yesterday, so I’m thinking we will do this once this rain goes away 😉 I can’t risk of doing it indoors LOL

  2. Oh that looks really cute on her. I haven’t tie dyed a shirt in forever lol. I will have to try this one with Owen, I think he’ll like it.

  3. Great idea for some family fun! I was planning a tie dye party for some neighborhood kids but I don’t know if it will be too messy! 🙂 It would certainly be fun! TFS – I’m off to check out more of your blog~

    • Yes, its very messy. LOL~

      But if the kids are a little older, I still say go for it. Plan it in your backyard, on a picnik table or ground if thats all you have (which is how we did it), and go for it. The dye does come off, so a little mess never killed anyone…

      Now if the kids are younger, you can set it up in bowls and do it as a paint brush instead! Thats bound to be less messy..right?


  4. Very fun and cute! We’ve never done those here because I would freak about the mess. lol They remind me of summer camp though from when I was little. Ahh…the memories! 🙂

  5. We actually got one the other day at Michael’s on clearance for $12. I might have to run back there & stock up for the summer! FUN!

  6. Trisha- Her shirt looks great. If you feel like after washing them a couple times the color fades, next time you do them soak them in soda ash first. I have found it keeps the color for all washes!

    Also, you can post a link to your page at http://www.skiptomylou.org/2010/04/19/made-by-you-monday-5/

    she does made by you mondays. I typically get no traffic on my blog because I started it for my family. But I posted there this morning and it is going off, 45 clicks today alone! I swear only my MIL reads my page typically! Just thought I would let ya know!

  7. That looked like a fun project.

    Just be careful with anything bleach on your skin – it can peel the skin

  8. Love this idea! We don’t have HL close by but maybe Michaels has the same thing? Although I am really anal and we’d have to get fitted shirts so it’d cost a bit more, it seems like a really fun way to spend a summer afternoon. 🙂

    • Yes, I prefer fitted shirts too, but since this was our first time, i went with “cheap”. LOL!

      I would actually LOVE to find white dress styles to tie dye! We can have a whole collection..i just need to figure out where I can purchase something like that. It might only be online.

  9. How Cute!! It looks perfect! Thanks so much for the idea! Jasmine (10) is getting into crafts and loves Tie Dye stuff. This will be a great mommy/daughter thing we can do over the summer.

    • thankyou! i didnt get that great of a pic with her in the shirt..all the pics I took were too dark. I had to lighten this one up and it looks all wierd.

      Ill try to update later with something when she gets home from school.

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