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Outside Sidewalk Chalk Fun!

We do a lot of sidewalk chalk art. Its something that I enjoy doing outside, which is a rarity, so when Charlotte is trying to get me outside she suggests drawing.

I usually bite.

And for Charlotte, drawing a picture can’t just be with crayons. Oh no, she wants puff paint, glitter, sidewalk chalk, and water colors.

It has to have pizazz.

So this afternoon we went out and drew a few colorful swan geese thingies.

We improvise.

And there is a lot more you can do with sidewalk chalk then just draw a pretty picture.

Hopscotch, tracing your body, andΒ  tick tac toe to name a few.

In fact, last night we drew roads and used our own freeway system to play on the driveway. Today we upgraded it to include houses and a McDonalds drive through.

Spare me on the not healthy thing. I know. Drawing a health food grocery store would suck the fun out of the playtime, know what I mean?

Creating your own city to play cars on kills two birds with one stone. You get to focus on the art aspect and then sum it up with the playing part.Β  And even better, you can change your scenery anytime you want without investing into a $30 car carpet for your playroom.

Just break out your $2.99 sidewalk chalks.

Fun! Fun!


15 thoughts on “Outside Sidewalk Chalk Fun!”

  1. Oooh, I never thought about making the roads outside for the little cars (though we’ve done that on butcher paper inside). Our sidewalk chalk roads are usually big enough for the kiddos to ride the tricycles or other ride-on vehicles on…..

    and of course we have to write messages for Daddy when he comes home! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m 27 and I still enjoy coloring with chalk on the sidewalk. Probably more than my kids. They get bored and wander off and there I am, concentrating on coloring in a heart.

  3. Now that creating your own city stuff is neat. I will have to remember that one when Owen goes outside tomorrow, I know he’d love it.

  4. What fun! I’m enjoying sidewalk chalk with my two-year-old, Emma – my husband laughed at me the first time we got it out because I was coloring more than she was. Well, it’s fun! πŸ˜‰ But my daughter really loves it too.

    Love those photos!

  5. One of my fave pastimes as a 10/11-year-old was drawing a town on a hug piece of drafting paper which rested on a piece of wall paneling. I drew roads, outlines of houses, zoo, police station. Took me forever to color. I used Lego for the house outlines plus fences. Add in Matchbox cars and animals and I had an entire town to play with.

  6. That is awesome. From the pictures it looks like you ladies had a ton of fun. My kids like sidewalk chalk as well. Actually we need some new chalk because we are out. Just thought I would share that. LOL.

  7. Great post babe! it was fun to pull up in the driveway today and see ya’lls work or play or whatever you want to call it.

  8. I have the kids lie down on the pavement and trace around their bodies, then let them ‘dress’ themselves – create faces, clothing, whatever their immaginations come up with.

    As a nanny, the kids would also love to write messages in the driveway so when parent came home they would see what the kids had done. This was especially fun when a parent had been traveling and was coming home. Seeing WELCOME HOME spelled out and drawings from the kids made it extra special.

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