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Iced Coffee Helpers – Recipe

Recently Philadelphia came out with Snack Delights and challenged me to think of ways to use it. After dipping my finger in it about 6 times a day, I figured they meant more like a recipe, so I decided to create something practical for myself.

I am not a foodie and while I do love experimenting, not everything always turns out. In this case though, I think it went really well!

I am going to let the recipe speak for itself for the most part via photos.  I created Iced Coffee Helpers, a simple concoction of things I love most in iced coffee: milk, chocolate, and caramel. The one thing I do NOT like in my coffee, especially if it sits for any amount of time, is water, and that is exactly what ice cubes do to cold coffee.

So instead I decided to freeze up some milk and other yummy goodies to keep my coffee COLD but add flavor during the melt.

Iced Coffee Helpers

AKA Caramel, Chocolate, Milk Cubes

You need:

  • Caramel Sauce ( I homemade mine first by using this recipe)
  • Philadelphia Snack Delights in Milk Chocolate
  • Organic milk

Put a small scoop of Philadelphia Snack Delights in microwave for approx 10 seconds and check for melting. Then add that and per-prepared caramel sauce to an ice cube tray.

In my case I used a deviled egg tray (we have an ice maker so if you can believe it, we do not even own ice trays!) and it worked just fine.

Pour milk on the top and freeze.

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Never have watered down coffee again.

Oh, and if you make a lot of caramel sauce, it doubles as a fantastic dip.


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  1. I have the same experience with recipes – some workout for me and some don’t. I tried this and it works! Iced coffee with milk cubes is great in the afternoon.

  2. I just love iced coffee. I will have to look for Philadelphia Snack Delights and try your recipe and make some iced coffee helpers.

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