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How to marry a Sugar Daddy…

Today we were at the beach and came upon a wedding…..

This is a totally serious wedding.

In public.

At a resort.

Run by a pregnant nun….and apparently a very interesting bridal party.

The real question is “Do you think the groom went home with more than the bride?”



read more at your own risk! (NSFW)








Btw, this was in total view of the boats/beach below, the resort pools and restaurants with KIDS were in front of them and about 2000 hotels. There were hoards of pictures being taken.  There is no expectation of privacy in a public place. Even if the women had great bodies, I am really shocked by the behavior. I am so glad my kids were not on property and feel bad for all families that got more than they bargained for at this family location.

But there didn’t appear to be a man in the vicinity that didn’t whip out his iphone. Clearly.

40 thoughts on “How to marry a Sugar Daddy…”

  1. SMH! —- They should have ALL been arrested for indecent exposure in public… ridiculous—- so who’s got bets that they’re already divorced? lol

    • Hey kim, I agree 100%.

      In another setting, hilarious. I wish I had backed up to take the pool shots. I bet someone else has them. Thats the more annoying part. Maybe Hedonism?

  2. Ugh, my eyes, my eyes! Atrocious!

    As my dad always says, if you don’t want anyone to find out, DON’T DO IT! (especially in public, and with a photographer to capture it all too).

    And since I’m aware the couple is reading this, SHAME ON YOU for doing this in public, especially in front of children. VILE, VILE, VILE!

  3. I know the bride and groom and they know how to have fun and are a wonderful couple. Their idea of a good time might include a bit of raunchy behavior, but I’ll bet there is a bit of envy on this thread at their ability to truly cut loose, not worry about the jones, and have a good time. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they are both fit and beautiful and work hard to stay that way.

    I am sure a few people and maybe a few kids saw this behavior, but thanks MD for sharing your outrage with all these wonderful pictures so hundreds more people and children could take a look. 😉

    • I am sure they are lovely people, but again, being in public it was wild…and yes, as you pointed out, raunchy. And wasn’t a few people, was a TON of people and a TON of kids. I was on the other side…

      For the record, this is commentary, not outrage and this site is not visited by children. Its an adult site that has 3000 articles and hundreds are editorial and adult related. Our average site visitor is female and over 30.

  4. A. Atleast they are attractive and work for their bodies. I’d rather have my kids see this than the million fat whales laying on the beach every day. B. If you’re offended, don’t take more pictures than the wedding photographer and post them in a viral setting. C. Pregnant nun is never NOT funny. Congrats to the ridiculously happy couple (who I happen to know have been together for quite some time and will well make it past the 6 month mark)

    • 1) No one insulted their bodies, even if you chose to insult other women and men by calling them whales.

      2) I didnt take more than the photographer, although I am sure collectively as a resort there were.

      3) As interesting as I found this wedding, it hasn’t gone viral.

      4) Pregnant nun is always insulting…to just about every religion on the planet. In fact, I would bet that was more insulting than group thong shots on a family resort. Just sayin.

      5) I hope they do make it “past the 6 month mark” as you say. I never assumed they would NOT be married.

  5. This is amazing! It looks like all were having an amazingly fun time, and isn’t that what a wedding, and LIFE, is about? Loosen up! Enjoy other people’s happiness; Just because others are happy doesn’t mean you can’t be too.

    I am shocked more by how upset this post and these comments are — I mean, would you say these things to these people’s faces? Empathy and compassion are beautiful.

    Happy life to you all, and to the bride and groom, and wedding party. Keep LIVING and having FUN.

    • What I’m wondering…did the reception have a pit of jello for people in skimpy bathing suits (or just plain nude) to wrestle in? Were there poles for pole dancing instead of maid of honor/best man speeches?

  6. What a bunch of trashy bridesmaids. What ever happened to women having CLASS. These women all look like a bunch of cheap hookers. How much did they pay these escorts to attend the wedding??

    This is what my girlfriend said when she saw this: “What a stupid trailer trash wedding.” – I agree!

  7. This is insane! I am here and still can’t believe it happened. Can you imagine being the parents of the bride or groom and they tell you this is what their wedding is going to be like?

  8. Their hair makeup behavior etc all screams strippers. They thought it would be funny. 🙁 sad

  9. Do you think that’s the father of the bride that’s the only one in the chairs and taking the pic in the last photo? lol

    Wow, makes everyone in my life look so much less trashy 🙂

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