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How To Make Yarn Pumpkins With Balloons

If you want to know how to make yarn pumpkins with balloons, you’re in the right place. All you need is yarn, glue, and small balloons to get started! These lacey yarn pumpkins can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. I did it with kids, so ours are simple.

Yarn pumpkins made with glue and small balloons - perfect fall decorations.

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How To Make Yarn Pumpkins With Balloons

Materials for your yarn pumpkins:

White glue, yarn in brown, orange, and yellow, green felt, a water balloon, a regular balloon, scissors, and brown pipe cleaners to make yarn pumpkins.

Directions for Making Yarn Pumpkins

Blow up a balloon to the desired size and tie the end.

Inflated balloon for making yarn pumpkins.
Inflated balloon set in a small bowl to hold it upright while making yarn pumpkins.

Protect a flat surface with wax paper.

Cut about 16-20 pieces of yarn the length of your arm (from your shoulder to your wrist, roughly. Lay the pieces individually on the table. Do not stack one on top of the other.

Place some glue into a small container and dip one piece of yarn into the glue. Press into the glue to coat all sides.

Grab the end of the yarn and pull it out of the glue. As you pull it out of the glue with one hand, gently place your thumb and forefinger of your other hand between the yarn. Pull the yarn with the other hand so you are wiping away some of the excess glue.

I didn’t squeeze out any glue, just wiped it away.

Yarn dipped in glue to stick on a balloon to make yarn pumpkins.
Yarn covered in glue for making yarn pumpkins.

Lay your yarn onto the balloon crisscrossing and wrapping around. Continue with additional pieces of yarn until you are happy with your results.

If possible, tuck the loose ends under another piece of yarn to keep it from coming off of the balloon.

At this point, it helps to place your balloon onto a glass bowl (glass because it washes easily, and usually stays put on the table vs plastic bowl that will stick to the balloon and lift with the balloon.) Set your balloon onto the bowl after each yarn addition.

A balloon covered with yarn covered in white glue to make a yarn pumpkin.

Repeat until you have the look you want and let aside to dry completely, rotating the ball of yarn so it dries on all sides.

When completely dry, use your fingers to press into the balloon to separate it from the glue on the sides.

Snip the balloon at the top to deflate, and carefully remove it from the inside of the balloon by pulling it out with your fingers.

Discard the balloon.

An orange yarn balloon drying while set on a small dish to keep it upright.
A finger reaching in to pop the small balloon inside the dried yarn to remove it from inside the yarn balloon.
A dried orange yarn balloon with popped balloon inside.
A finished orange yarn balloon and an orange yarn balloon with the balloon still inflated inside.

Add Stem and Leaves to the Yarn Pumpkin

Cut out small pumpkin leaves with felt and fold them in the center. Place a small amount of hot glue on the center of the felt leaf and hold it together to create a fold or crease.

Finished yarn pumpkins with felt leaves and brown pipe cleaner springs ready to decorate the tops.
Fingers pinching the middle of a green felt leaf together to make it look more realistic.

Wrap a brown pipe cleaner around a marker or wine cork and create a spiral stem. Attach the stem and leaf to the pumpkins as desired.

A woman twisting a brown pipe cleaner around a Sharpie marker to make a cute corkscrew shape for the top of the yarn pumpkin.
Finished orange yarn pumpkins complete with green leaves and brown curly stems.
Simple yarn balloon craft for fall decorating.