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Witty Pinterest Board Name Ideas For Moms

Pinterest is a visual site often thought of as social media. Being one of the largest search engines in the world, it’s more than that. By creating simple boards, you can connect to millions of other users, share tips and hacks with other moms, learn just about anything, and grow your mom blog with ease. Coming up with Pinterest board name ideas may seem like a lot, but in this article, we simplify the process.

What’s the Purpose of Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest boards give you a place to collect and organize articles or videos you’re interested in. Each board gives you a space to name your board, give it a description, and place it in a category. You can name your boards anything you like, as long as they’re easy for you to find.

Popular Pinterest board name ideas include Home, Travel, Recipes, DIY, etc. You can get more specific and name them things like Small Apartment Decor, Moms Birthday Party, or Dog Training Tips and Tricks.

Benefits of Using Pinterest Boards:

  • Allow you to have an online resource
  • Enable you to connect with other users
  • Keep your account clean and organized

Why Should You Keep Your Pinterest Boards Organized?

Let’s say you’re scrolling Pinterest on a Saturday morning and come across the perfect recipe for dinner next week, and you pin it to your “Recipes” board. If you have a lot of recipes pinned there, it may be challenging to find the exact one you’re looking for.

Pinterest boards can be used to organize overall favorites or plan your entire weekly meals (and more!)

By having everything organized exactly how you like it, you can not only find pins more easily but have the perfect place to add new pins each time.

Having clear organization allows other users to easily sift through your boards and want to give you a follow. Even if you don’t have a goal of a large following, finding other like-minded moms to connect with is never a bad thing.

Steps to Organizing Your Pinterest Board

Below is a guideline for how you can get started with your Pinterest board organization. Take the process and make it work for you and what you’re looking to gain from Pinterest.

  1. Choose your broad categories of what you usually pin and write a list. Examples: Home Decor, Recipes, Printables, Kids, DIY, etc.
  2. Break each category down more specifically. If you add a lot into a specific category, breaking it down further can help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Example: If you save a lot of DIY, you may want to break it down into categories such as “DIY For Kids” or “DIY Home Decor”.
  3. Create your desired number of boards. You can create unlimited boards, so there really is no way to overdo it as long as you’ve made it easy for you.
  4. Make each board easy to find. Add the broad category first, then add your catchy title. For example, rather than having a board called “Indulgent Recipes”, call it “Recipes – Indulgent Creations”. You can change the cover photo of your boards if you like to highlight the full name, as well.
  5. Update as needed. No need to feel like you need to create every single board at once. Add what you need now and create new boards as needed. You can always rename and reorganize as you go along.

Try not to get too stressed out with the process. Pinterest is a fun place, so enjoy your brainstorming process!

Pinterest For Business VS a Personal Board

Many moms enjoy using Pinterest as a tool to share posts from their mom blog. When using Pinterest for business, you’ll need to keep your boards organized a little differently than if you simply want to keep track of your favorite recipes and DIYs.

Personal Pinterest 

Pinterest is an amazing place for moms to come together and learn from each other. If your main intention is to use Pinterest as a tool to gain ideas rather than share them, then you more than likely will want to keep your boards tailored strictly to you and your interests.

With this intention in mind, think of how you can easily remember things. While some moms may find it easier to have one board for all recipes, others may find it easier to break their boards down into categories such as “breakfast” or even further to “healthy breakfasts” and “indulgent breakfasts”.

There’s no wrong way to use Pinterest, the most important thing is that you make it work for you.

Pinterest For Business

When using Pinterest for business, you’ll probably be sharing your own pins just as much as you’re sharing other pins. You may even find a benefit in having a Pinterest business account.

With a business account, you can check analytics to see which pins and boards are doing best as well as have access to advertising.

If you’re promoting your mom blog with Pinterest, you’ll want to center your boards around the topics discussed on your blog. This way, other readers will be able to have a link directly to your posts.

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Mom Blog

Pinterest is one of the most popular tools used for mom bloggers. Moms all over the world are looking for kid-friendly recipes, DIYs, gift ideas, and everything else included in daily mom life.

You just need to make a few simple tweaks to get tons of traffic sent to your blog using your pins and boards.

How to Add a New Pin

Rather than pinning only pins from other users, you’ll be uploading your own and linking them to your blog. It’s a simple process that many mom bloggers swear by.

Here are the simple steps to adding a pin:

  1. Click “create” in the upper lefthand side.
  2. Hover over “create pin” and click it.
  3. Add an image that showcases what this post will be about.
  4. Create a keyword-dense title and description (more on doing this below.)
  5. Copy the link from your blog into the section that says “add a destination link”.
  6. On the upper right-hand side, you can choose which board you’ll be placing your pin. We recommend adding it to a board that houses all of your blog pins and then repin it to other boards later on. This way, you can always find it later and push it back out for more people to see.

Creating Your Pin Image

Most users will see the pin image before they even read the title or description. Creating an eye-catching image is important to gaining more eyes on your content right away and encourages other users to share your post.

We recommend using a website like Canva to create these pin images. Even if you aren’t the creative type or tech-savvy, there are plenty of drag and drop templates and images to choose from.

What to include on your pin image:

  • A photo that provides insight on what the post will be about
  • An attention-grabbing title
  • The name of your website at the bottom

Choosing the Best Title for Your Pins

Although you’ll write out a title on your pin, the text of your title matters. The title on your image will be shorter and attention-grabbing while the written title will have some keywords.

For example, let’s say you made a blog post with a recipe for pie. Rather than just saying “apple pie”, a better option would be something like “Homemade Apple Pie Recipe for Beginners: Family Dessert for Fall”.

Some keywords that work well in different niches to consider adding:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Beginner
  • Ideas
  • Hacks
  • 3-Step ____ (The number of steps doesn’t matter, but smaller is usually better!)

It may help to look at similar pins in the same niche. Don’t copy word for word, but get an idea of the descriptive language other users add.

At the end of the day, moms want to save time and money. If you can give the impression that you can provide help with either of those, you’re sure to get more clicks.

Writing Pin Descriptions

The pin description will appear underneath the image and offers a place to gather some more information about what will be in the blog post. While it may be tempting to ignore this part, adding a pin description can greatly help your post to show up more in other users’ feeds.

Writing the description will feel similar to writing the summary for your blog post. Basically, you want to give enough to give the reader an idea, but leave enough out to make it enticing.

What to include in your pin description:

  • What readers can expect in your blog post
  • Search terms users may type in that would lead to your blog post
  • A little mystery to keep them wanting more

Pin Your Blog Post

Now that you have all of the information added, it’s time to officially pin your blog post.

As mentioned before, create a board that’s a special place for blog posts from your blog. Not only will this make it easy for you to find your own content, but someone who stumbles upon your profile may end up looking through them all.

From there, you can go to your pin and add it to other boards where it fits.

How to Name Your Pinterest Boards

If you’re looking to categorize your boards for your own personal use, think of your boards as a filing system. In your online cabinet, there’s a name for the drawer along with labeled folders.

Keep in mind that you can add sub-categories, as well, so some of these Pinterest board name ideas may feel more suited to one of those.

Organize them by topic such as:

  • Home Decor
  • Summer Fashion
  • Winter Outfits
  • Sweaters and Boots
  • Makeup I like
  • Dream Vacation
  • Art to Buy
  • Books to Read

If your account is for business, you’ll want to focus on niches. Maybe you sell Home Decor. Your boards might start off as being sorted by rooms such as the following.

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom Designs
  • Bathroom Decor
  • Lamps and Lighting
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Nursery
  • Game Room

Making specific boards private is an option for planning surprises or separating private boards from boards you’ll use to promote your mom blog or small business.

Consider Adding or Joining Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are great for mom bloggers looking to collaborate with other writers. Group boards can have hundreds or thousands of collaborators, putting your content in front of a lot of new eyes.

Many times, contributors will repin pins from the group board. The group works together to grow by adding their own pins and then sharing other creators’ pins.

The more your pin is viewed and shared, the more likely it is to show up in search terms. This is why using group boards can be a great strategy for growing your mom blog, all while playing around on Pinterest!

Benefits of using group boards on Pinterest include:

  • Increase your repins
  • Grow your Pinterest followers
  • Get seen by other users
  • Pins will have a better chance of ranking higher
  • Less Pinterest board name ideas you’ll need to come up with on your own

To find group boards, search words associated with your niche followed by “group board”. For example, “recipes group board” or “mom blogger group board”.

1. Food Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Food is a big part of everyone’s life, but especially the lives of mommas. Moms not only have to feed themselves, but many moms cook meals and prepare snacks for their kids.

Pinterest can be a great source to find delicious recipes, snack ideas, entertaining inspiration, and creating photo-worthy festive foods.

Whether you have a mom blog where you share your own recipes or use Pinterest to gather your weekly meal plans, food-related Pinterest boards may come in handy.

Recipes and Meals

  • Quick and Easy Dinners
  • Dinner Recipes for Two
  • Kid-Friendly Dinner Plans
  • Indulgent Breakfast Ideas
  • Crockpot Meals for Four
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Ground Turkey Recipes
  • Chicken Dinner Recipes
  • Casseroles
  • Pantry Staple Meals
  • Vegetarian Family Meals
  • Keto Dinner
  • Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas
  • Seafood Recipes
  • Healthy Pasta Dishes
  • Indulgent Pasta Dishes
  • One Pan Dinners
  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Hungry Mommas
  • Cooking with Mom
  • Hungry Hungry Kiddos
  • Sugar and Spice

Entertaining or Cooking For a Group

  • Charcuterie Boards
  • Serving For a Crowd
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Cheap Meals for Large Families
  • Tailgate Recipes
  • Appetizers For Gathering
  • Eat and Gather
  • Food Bar Ideas
  • Party Food on a Budget
  • Entertaining on a Budget
  • Meat Party Appetizers
  • Big-Batch Dishes
  • Crockpot Recipes For a Crowd
  • Casseroles For a Crowd
  • Easy Food Party Planning
  • Feeding the Crowd
  • Food For All
  • Gather Round the Table

Snacks For Adults

  • High Protein Snacks
  • Vegan Snack Ideas
  • Gluten-Free Snack Ideas
  • Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Simple Snack Recipes
  • Grab and Go Snacks
  • Dessert Snacks
  • Salty Snacks
  • Snacks to Fit Macros
  • Inexpensive Snacks
  • Weekly Snack Plans
  • Snacking For Four
  • Sweet Snack Ideas
  • Mom Needs a Snack
  • Something to Munch On
  • Munch and Crunch
  • Eating in the Closet

Snacks For Kids

  • Lunchbox Snacks
  • Kid-Friendly Snacks
  • Christmas Snack Ideas
  • Halloween Snack Ideas
  • Thanksgiving Snack Ideas
  • Holiday Snack Ideas
  • School Snacks For Kids
  • School Snacks For Teens
  • Easy Snacks For Kids
  • Festive Snacks For Kids
  • Creative Kid’s Snacks
  • Snacks with a Theme
  • Healthy Snacks

Kid-Friendly Meals

  • Dinners For Kids
  • Easy Dinners For Four
  • Kid-Friendly Food
  • Lunchboxes For Kids
  • Lunch Prep For Kids
  • Fun Breakfasts For Kids
  • Healthy Kids
  • Healthy Kids Meals
  • Healthy Kids Snacks For School
  • Easy Lunches For School
  • Kids Lunch Ideas
  • Easy Smoothies For Kids
  • Freezer Friendly Kids Meals
  • Rainbow Kids Foods
  • Sneaking Veggies In
  • Healthy Kids Treats

2. Decor Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Decorating can be a therapeutic way to create a house that you and your family feel at home in. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for creating aesthetically pleasing rooms, festive decor, and even making your own decor.

Some moms have an eye for aesthetics, whereas other moms would love to have a little help decorating their homes.

Moms who have experience in design may find Pinterest a great place to share their very own home decor photos, videos, and tips to help other mommas decorate with ease.

Apartment Decor

  • Small Bedroom Decor Ideas
  • Apartment Living
  • My Cozy Apartment
  • Hygge Apartment Style
  • Apartment Decorating Hacks
  • Apartment Home Decor Tips and Tricks
  • Small Apartment, Big Personality
  • Maximizing Small Spaces
  • Inexpensive Apartment Decor
  • Apartment Decor for Budgeting Moms
  • Minimalistic Apartment Decor
  • Home Design Techniques

Children’s Decor

  • Girls Bedroom Decor
  • Boyd Bedroom Decor
  • Decorating For Boys
  • Creating Your Kid’s Sanctuary
  • Playroom Decor Ideas
  • Painting a Kid’s Room
  • Princess Themed Bedroom
  • Inexpensive Kids Decor Hacks
  • Themed Kids Rooms
  • Kids Room Organization
  • Kids Decor Printables
  • Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas
  • Kid Zone
  • Nursery Decor
  • Seasonal Kids Room Decor

Outdoor and Garden

  • Cozy Outdoor Decor
  • Tropical Outdoor Decor
  • Gardening Hacks
  • Inexpensive Gardening
  • Easy Home Gardens
  • Outdoor Workspaces
  • Fun Backyard Ideas
  • Comfy and Cozy Outdoors
  • Flowers For Each Season
  • Seasonal Gardening
  • Outdoor Haven
  • Outdoor Oasis
  • Building a Beautiful Backyard
  • Whimsical Gardens

Home Design and Decor

  • Modern Living Room
  • House is a Home
  • Making My House Feel Like Home
  • Home Decor for Beginners
  • Home Decor Hacks
  • Ideas For Home Decor
  • Simple Home Decor Tips and Tricks
  • Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Cottage
  • Farmhouse Glam
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Modern and Modest Home

DIY Home Decor

  • Easy DIY Home Decor
  • Do it Yourself Home Design
  • Designing Your Home
  • Easy DIY Wall Decor
  • Inexpensive DIY Decor
  • Doing Home Decor Myself
  • Boho DIY Decor Hacks
  • Dollar Tree Home Decor DIYs
  • DIY Under $10
  • DIY Home Improvement
  • Home Projects
  • Beautiful DIY House

3. DIY Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Pinterest is one of the best places to look for everything do-it-yourself. Typically, DIY can be a source of creativity for mommas or a great way to save money.

Each momma probably has her very own hacks or ideas that another mom would love to learn about. Creating a DIY Pinterest board can be a place to showcase your own DIY skills while gaining inspiration from other users.

Children Crafts

DIY Holiday Decor

  • DIY Ghost Decor
  • DIY Christmas Tree Hacks
  • DIY Christmas Wreaths
  • Inexpensive Holiday Decor
  • Christmas Garlands DIY
  • Easter Bunny Do It Yourself Decor

DIY and Everyday Hacks

  • Fix it Yourself
  • Cleaning Hacks
  • Upholstering Furniture
  • Nontoxic Cleaning Recipes
  • Life Hacks For Home
  • Do This Not That
  • Mommy Hacks
  • Frugal Living
  • Life Hacks for Stain Removal
  • Pool Noodle Hacks
  • Paperclip Life Hacks

DIY Art For Fun or Home

  • Canvas Wall Art Painting Hacks
  • Easy Furniture DIYs
  • Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor
  • DIY Art Projects
  • Acrylic Painting For Beginners
  • Wall Art Made Easy

DIY For Moms

  • Mom Does it Herself
  • Moms Who DIY
  • Scrapbooking DIYs
  • Homemade Gifts
  • Printables For Moms
  • Make Your Own Kids Toys
  • Polaroid Picture DIYs
  • Knitting Made Easy
  • Woven With Love
  • No-Sew DIY Hacks
  • Repurpose and Recycle

4. Fitness Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Working out can look a little different with kids running around. Moms can have a hard time working out at home with kids climbing on them or finding a daily sitter for gym time.

Getting the mom bod back is also a popular topic for mommas. If you’re a mom who has this whole fitness thing figured out, you could be a huge help to a mom who doesn’t know where to start.

Whether you’re looking for easy home workouts, workouts safe for pregnancy, or gym workouts for moms, Pinterest has it all.

Family Fitness

  • Family Fitness Challenge
  • Workouts For Families
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Active Family Life
  • Energized and Outdoor Family
  • Our Active Household
  • Fitness For the Fam
  • Working Out Together

Fitness For Pregnant Women

  • Actively Pregnant
  • Pregnancy Abs
  • Fit and Pregnant
  • Easy Pregnancy Home Workouts
  • Pregnant Women Fitness
  • Exercise For Soon to Be Moms
  • Pregnant and Staying Fit

Fitness For Moms

  • Fit and Healthy Mom
  • Mom Works Out
  • Fitness After Kids
  • Postpartum Fitness
  • Modified Fitness
  • Strength Training for Moms
  • Mom’s Workout Gear
  • Pilates Routines
  • Beginner Yoga For Moms

Working Out at Home

  • Home Workouts for SAHMS
  • Moms Who Stay Home and Workout
  • Exercising at Home
  • Fitting in Exercise
  • Moms Into Home Fitness
  • Home Exercise Gear
  • Home Workouts Tips and Tricks
  • Home Workout Routines
  • 15 Minute Home Workouts
  • Working Out With Kids

Working Out at the Gym

  • Easy Fitness Routines For Mom
  • Gym Moms
  • Gym Motivation
  • Workout Fashion
  • Fitness and Fashion
  • Gym Then Happy Hour
  • Moms in Love With Fitness
  • Gym Workout Routines
  • Easy Workout Routines

5. Blogging Pinterest Board Name Ideas

If you’re looking to start a group board, creating boards for mom bloggers to get together and collaborate can be hugely beneficial. Creating a space for bloggers to come together and learn from one another is a popular theme of group boards.

You don’t need a group board to create a space for learning, though. By having boards filled with different blogging tips and tricks, other users can learn by following a personal board.

This can also be an opportunity for you to gather all of the articles you personally want to remember if you’re new to the blogging space.

Mom Bloggers

  • Mommy Bloggers Tips and Tricks
  • How to Start a Mom Blog
  • Mom Blog For Beginners
  • Mommy Bloggers Collaboration
  • Mom Bloggers to Follow
  • Blog Post Ideas For Mom Bloggers
  • Tax Deductions For Mom Bloggers
  • Millennial Mom Blogger
  • Balance and Blogging
  • Writing My Mom Journey
  • Mom Life in Words
  • Posts From Moms

How to Blog

  • Blog Your Life
  • Writing Your Journey
  • 321 Start Blogging
  • Get the Blog Rolling
  • Free Blogging
  • Blog From Scratch
  • First Year Blogging Steps
  • Start Your Perfect Blog
  • Make Your Online World
  • Blogging Basics

Make Money Blogging

  • Blogging Income Earners
  • Mom Bloggers Making Money
  • Best Affiliate Programs
  • Using Pinterest to Make Money
  • Monetizing Mom Bloggers
  • How to Use Ads
  • Blogging Business
  • Fierce Bloggers
  • Blogging Smarter Not Harder
  • Resources For Bloggers

Marketing Your Blog

  • Instagram For Blogging
  • Facebook Groups to Grow Your Blog
  • Promoting Affiliate Products For Beginners
  • Increasing Pinterest Traffic
  • Eyes on Your Blog
  • Find Your Audience
  • Email Marketing Hacks
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks
  • Easy Blog Marketing Tips
  • Best Mom Bloggers
  • Email Marketing Templates


  • Be a Better Writer
  • Write Like a Boss
  • Moms Who Write
  • Daily Blog Post Ideas
  • Writing Techniques For Beginners
  • Writing Prompts
  • Inspired Writing
  • Books About Writing
  • Finding Your Voice
  • About Writing
  • Writer Reference
  • Inspo For Writers

6. Other Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Pinterest has a place for anyone and everyone. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find thousands of other like-minded users.

Below are a few other areas you may not have thought of, but want to make sure you have a few Pinterest board name ideas for.


  • Traveling Mommy
  • Road Trips With Kids
  • Traveling With a Baby
  • Baby on Board
  • Tips and Tricks For Traveling Kids
  • Kids Who Travel
  • Traveling Children
  • Child Explorers
  • Living Life on the Road
  • Where We’re Wandering
  • Let’s Go Somewhere

Love and Marriage

  • Married with Children
  • Staying in Love
  • Forever in Honeymoon Phase
  • Surprises For Hubby
  • Keeping the Spark Alive
  • Forever Type of Love
  • Love Him
  • Love Quotes
  • Married Humor
  • My Married Life
  • Parenting and Marriage
  • Kissing in a Tree


  • Me, Myself, and I
  • Glowing From the Inside
  • Mental Health Matters
  • Confidence Growth
  • Anxiety Warriors
  • Mental Health Advocates
  • Self Care For Mommas
  • Mom’s Alone Time
  • Simple Self Growth
  • Mindfulness For Mommy
  • Kind Words
  • Mental Wellness
  • Meditation For Mom


  • Everyday Mom Makeup
  • Easy Hairdos For Moms
  • Inexpensive Beauty Gadgets
  • Mom Going Out
  • Pretty Mommy
  • Mom’s Makeup Cabinet
  • Beauty Moments
  • Finding the Beautiful
  • Mom and Beauty Bloggers
  • Clean Beauty
  • Non-Toxic Beauty Products
  • Mom Outfit Inspo
  • Pregnant Fashion
  • Loving Her Style
  • Mommy’s Uniform
  • Sole Mates
  • Skincare Shelfie

Finance and Wealth

  • Finance Sheet Printables
  • Generational Wealth
  • Sharing the Wealth
  • Budgeting Mom
  • Wealth of Knowledge
  • Family Budgeting
  • Mom’s Finance Sheets
  • Making Finance Fun
  • Financial Budget Journals
  • Habits For Successful Moms
  • Personal Finance Hacks
  • Finance Books and Articles


  • Cute Baby Animals
  • Crate Training For Dogs
  • Dogs and Kids
  • Cat-Friendly Home
  • The Dog’s Backyard
  • Dogs are Better Than People
  • Training Dogs For Beginners
  • Activities For Kids and Dogs
  • Puppies and Dogs
  • Animal Lovers
  • Dog Mom Life
  • Home With the Dog

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use Pinterest as a file system for everything you love or you want to share your wealth of knowledge with the world, there are Pinterest board name ideas for you.

Make a written list of all of your interests and break them down into categories. From there, you can easily create Pinterest boards to stay organized and can start chatting with other like-minded mommas. For mommy bloggers, Pinterest can be a huge help in getting traffic to your blog. There’s no wrong way to use Pinterest, so choose your favorite Pinterest board name ideas and start pinning!