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Mike Wazowski Wreath DIY Tutorial (Holiday Version!)

My son has a serious Monsters University addiction. Like serious.

Every day he wakes up with the question “Monsters?” and every night we go down with “I WANT Monsters!”

And on the few days that I manage to avoid it, low and behold Disney puts it on TV.


I am sure my grandmother felt the same way when I watched Sleeping Beauty 945 times in my life and this is my punishment, so I deal and realize this is all short lived. Now that its holiday time everyone is crafting it up and wreaths are everywhere. But on my mind over here with Monsters U, I wanted to create a fun wreath that made my son smile every time he walked through the door so I headed to the craft store to try to devise a way to make a “Mike Wazowski Wreath.”

After an hour I felt I had the right materials to create it, so I headed home and this is what I have. I hope my “Mike Wazowski Wreath” is just as loved by the Monsters U fan in your house!

Mike Wazowski Wreath (Holiday Version)

What you need

  • Foam Wreath (Styrofoam or flower foam is fine)
  • 2 spools of 6 inch tulle in green
  • 1 half a circle Styrofoam shape (they come in a full circle but you can buy a half a circle with a hollow center)
  • Paint for the eyeball.I used spray paint…I would suggest using acrylic paint. Less mess.
  • Felt in black and white
  • Christmas hat (or baseball cap if you can find one!)
  • nails
  • hot glue/glue gun
  • silver paint pen

1) The first step is to go ahead and paint your eyeball. I used a complicated version of spray paint and hand created stencils for circles, but to be perfectly honest, just use acrylic paints and trace the circles right on your foam. I WAY overcomplicated it. In my head it would be “smoother” but all it did was turn my hand blue and create a lot of cleanup. I did purchase a liquid that you let dry on Styrofoam to make it more easily paint-able and tested that on a second eyeball and it made zero difference in how the paint stayed on, so I am pretty confident that you can skip it.

mike wazowski wreath supplies

mike wazowski eyeball

2) While that is drying, cut your strips of tulle in approximately 1 foot long pieces. I used about 1 1/2 spools of green 6 inch wide tulle. You tie in a regular knot and make sure to fill in any gaps. I personally went back once I was done and tied all the pieces to each other as well but this was just a personal choice, not a necessity.

Mike Wazowski Tulle Wreath

3) Once your eyeball is dry, you can use a silver or white paint pen to put a little sparkle dot on the eye. It brings it more to life. Hot glue the bottom of your eyeball onto the wreath, being careful to leave room on the bottom for your mouth.

4) Cut out a mouth and teeth and hot glue to wreath. You can also create a small horn to be placed after the hat.

mike wazowski eyeball

mike wazowski smile

5) I added a cheap $2 Santa Hat and used nails to push into the Styrofoam. If you could find a small ball cap to put a Monsters U patch on, I think that would be just as cute.

Mike Wazowski Holiday Wreath Tutorial DIY Monsters U Fans!

Hot Glue your horn on! I originally didn’t add this but my husband pointed out he needed one.

6) Find a spot for Mike…

 Mike Wazowski Holiday Wreath Tutorial DIY Monsters U Fans!

mike wazowski holiday wreath tutorial

Mike Wazowski Holiday Wreath Tutorial DIY Monsters U Fans!

mike wazowski on the mantle



mike wazowski holiday wreath / Monsters Inc. University / Adorable DIY Tutorial for the Monster Fan in your life!


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  1. I actually enjoyed watching Monster’s University, but of course I don’t have to watch it every day. At least you don’t have to hear or watch the big purple Barney! My daughter for years watched that show and I can still hear I love you, you love me in my head. It never goes away. LOL!

    Cute wreath:)

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