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My Nursery Mural

When I decided on a beach nursery, much of it was in my head. I live in the south and the view and emotions I get from going to Pensacola Beach are perceived in one way and I wanted so badly to make sure my sons room reflected that calm peace that you get when you walk out on white sands and emerald waters of my local area.

Part of doing that was finding the right wall coverings and I considered paint, wallpaper, hand painted murals, and regular murals. Now Charlotte has had both a hand painted mural and a wallpaper mural and both had their plus’ and minus’. Her wallpaper mural was difficult to add for us two short girls who did it and honestly, Charlotte and her friends have found ways to pick at the seams making it come up which leaves me having to find new paste in order to reattach (which I have yet to do). While the hand painted one was beautiful and very fun to do, it was never cleanly finished or had as dramatic an effect as I would have liked for this nursery – however I was able to place it and pick the colors around the room which was a great thing when I did her playroom

Still hand painted wasn’t the right choice.

When it came to Phoenyx I decided that a wall mural would have the most dramatic, clean, and soothing effect for his room and started researching Murals Your Way, the same place I got Charlotte’s. I emailed them my paint colors on the wall and they let me know the murals in my taste selection (beach) that would match the paint….yep!

I was so happy.

Sometimes staring at a computer screen is really hard. I even had picked a different mural and in the end they told me the stretch on the canvas wouldn’t look right, so they didn’t let me waste my time and be disappointed in the end. Because murals can cost from $100 to $1000’s of dollars, this was important.

This was the mural I went with in the end:

Also, last time we dealt with past and panels…no fun. Luckily for me, they are now offering a new type of mural, which includes NO paste.


They call it SmartStick:

SmartStick™ Repositionable Wall Covering

Just peel, stick and enjoy!

  • Lightly textured finish-comparable quality to our vinyl & canvas.
  • Reusable – wrinkle resistant & can be reinstalled many times.
  • Adheres to nearly any surface – just peel & stick.
  • Great for quick change decor.
  • Simple installation – no paste or tools needed.
  • Easy to clean, easy to remove, and tear proof.

Now the question is, would Smart Stick actually WORK?

The short answer is yes. Its fantastic compared to any painting or wallpapering and is 10 steps above any other offering. I would NEVER wallpaper again having used it. I found that there were re-sticking points where I had to peel and redo and it was not an issue. Because the room was premeasured, there was also no cutting, tools, nothing I had to have on hand to make the room transform.

Aside from that, depending on how large of a wall you are covering, don’t let me tell you its going to be flawlessly easy. You still have to line up your panels, stand on chairs and its absolutely a two person job if you are going a full wall. The first panel was the hardest, but once we figured out how to lay it straight and line it up, it went quickly.

The entire process took just under an hour and despite a 10 minute learning curve, was extremely easy. I would not only recommend it, but I would do it again.

Everyone that has seen the room has remarked how beautiful the walls look, how well it matches, and I 100% agree.

Of course, if you love it, please vote for me in the Parents Magazine Challenge and help me win $3000 for savings to start Phoenyx off right (and you can win too!) and also to go Murals  Your Way to transform your own walls! More “things I had in my room” nursery posts coming up this weekend so you can find exactly what you need for your nursery if you like mine.




company provided mural to facilitate this review

10 thoughts on “My Nursery Mural”

  1. The room looks fabulous and the mural certainly alters the mood into something very soothing and relaxing. I’ve been looking at Murals Your Way for quite some time trying to make a decision and notice from your pix that the 2 inch overlap shows in the photos. Is that more due to your wall color versus the light colors in the mural or do you think it’s going to show in general regardless? So appreciate the review. It helps tremendously.

  2. That new room looks great! – I’d actually love to have a room similar to that for myself!

  3. Holy crap! I’m with Jenn – I thought that was painted on the wall, I can’t believe it was stick on. I have never seen one that beautiful. You did a terrific job picking it out and installing it.
    If I ever need one, I am definitely chosing this company.

  4. Can you come here and transform one of my rooms into a beautiful nursery? Please!!
    Btw I voted 🙂

  5. I thought this was hand painted over the blue base paint but knowing it wasn’t painted…WOW. I am surprised at how they helped you find something that matched so well to the room’s paint color. That’s impressive and I bet it looks better in person!

    I’ve got a pink room I want to remodel this winter so I’ll keep their name and site in my rolodex. 😀


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