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PR Friendly Bloggers

A very long time ago I started a linky list for PR Friendly blogs and closed it around 600 links. Since the closure of that years ago, many people still email and ask me to be added to it. Therefore I thought it would be smart to open a new fresh PR Friendly bloggers list that I can incorporate on an additional page.

If you a blogger and are interested in PR contacting you for campaigns, ambassadorships, reviews, or giveaways, you can leave your URL on the linky below.

Rules: You must leave your main URL OR your About Me/Campaign page. Do not link an article, a contest, etc or you will be deleted and your site banned out from being able to add on these . If you are on the original PR Friendly Blogs page it is OK to relink.

Once this is full, I will take it and add it to a page on MomDot and hook it to the 1st page as a continuation.