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38 thoughts on “Pregnancy… Week 32 Picture”

  1. YEP… there is definitely a baby in there, or you swallowed a watermelon.
    I understand why you are up at 4am now, it has got to be difficult to sleep now, not to mention you must be peeing every hour.
    You look absolutely gorgeous however, and your hair looks so pretty that way… I wish I had looked that good when I was preggers.
    Hang in there. =)

  2. You look beautiful! He’s really grown a lot lately. I never managed to look that great at 32 weeks.

  3. Holy belly explosion! That kid is on a growth spurt …. you’re looking as gorgeous as ever by the way! Now I see why you’re having trouble sleeping though.

  4. You look beautiful. I love to see glowing pregnant women. By this time, I was glowing. I was looking pale and washed out. Hope these last few weeks go smoothly.

  5. Look at you all pretty and such!! Don’t fall. It hurts a lot more when super pregnant … not talking from experience or anything. ::blush::
    I was lucky to move by that point when I was carrying a boy. Totally a boy belly there!;)

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