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Punky Colour Flamingo: I dyed my hair hot pink!

I have been dying my hair since  I was a teen (not a great decision, but you know…) and have been about every color in the rainbow. Approximately 3 weeks ago I went and decided to have  the salon do a slight red to my hair to see if I liked it . I wanted to do a deeper auburn what was scared to take a HUGE leap.

I did like it the color red I got, but it washed out in about 5 days. TOPS.

Basically I paid a lot of money for a seriously temporary change. Lesson learned- go big or go home, right?

The other day I was in Ulta and I started looking for color on my own. I don’t advocate doing your hair on your own that often and I certainly wouldn’t bleach my hair by myself, but since I had a wild hair I thought I’ll just do it myself. If its gonna wash out ANYWAY, why  not.

I settled on this, Jerome Russell Punky Color in Flamingo Pink. I think it cost me $8.99

Why pink? Why not!

punky color hot pink

To be honest I opened it up and a little got on my finger there and I was like…hmm, maybe this is a bad idea.

But I did it anyway. I am a rebel like that.

I decided to pull up 4 large sections of my hair, avoiding the very lop layer (just in case) and then put the hair I was working on into foil to keep it from bleeding onto my non-dyed hair.

I don’t really like to wear gloves because it impedes my ability to do things, so after one foil my hands did this- it may have not been one of my smarter moments.

punky color hair dye



I actually really love it.

It’s been a few days since I showed it on my Facebook Page, and its washed a bit but still an adorable pink. The best part is that I still have plenty left over to darken up again once it fades and since its Breast Cancer Awareness month AND Halloween, I can get away with something a little more nontraditional.

hot pink hair color

hot pink highlights




  • If you do not want pink hands, buy gloves -the color DID come off in about a day but stayed around my nail beds for another 2 days
  • Try to rinse each foil out one by one and keep it off the rest of your hair or you will have some light pink bleed into other portions of your. This doesn’t bother me but it may someone.
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Do not wash the next day!

I will update in 2 weeks and show you what it faded to! So far I would say that I would definitely use this dye again and plan on trying a purple once this fades out.



6 thoughts on “Punky Colour Flamingo: I dyed my hair hot pink!”

  1. I’d love to know if this will work on Brown Hair. My daughter has Brown hair and has been begging me to get Pink Hair. I don’t want to bleach her hair but possibly this could be the answer. I think your Pink Hair streaks are really cute. Its a fun look

  2. it looks great. This is my back up color because it’s so messy. I use Color Ion brights Aqua on my hair and I can’t believe how long it’s lasted in my hair. They sell it at Sally’s Beauty. If that fades super fast I would try Ion. Pink looks good on you!

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