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SwimSpot: Athena Swimsuit Review

A few weeks ago, my friend Emily over at SwimSpot contacted me, asking if I’d like to try a brand new Athena swimsuit that they’ll be launching in a few weeks.

I love giving my opinion when asked, so I jumped at the chance. After giving me the options for a few different fabrics and styles, I decided to go with the newest one-piece in a pattern that screams summer in America.

After telling Emily which one I’d like, I received the package only a few days later. I love companies that ship quickly, and SwimSpot sure delivered. (Puns, I love them.)

It was apparent from the second I saw the swimsuit that I was getting excellent quality. The colors were bright and deep, which I love in swimwear as I tend to wear mostly muted colors in my everyday wear.

The moment my fingers touched the actual fabric, I could feel the softness as well as the elastic stretch that lets you know you’ll be tucked in nicely without looking like a popped can of refrigerated biscuits.

Not wasting a single minute, I changed immediately. The fit was just as advertised where it was a touch difficult to get into, but only because the fabric was that great quality that lets you know it won’t expand when it touches water.

No saggy busts, bellies, or bums with this Athena swimsuit! As it settled in all the spots it’s supposed to, I felt the perfect fit of a great suit without it wedging, pulling, or revealing in any unflattering ways.

I’ve never felt particularly confident in swimwear, but this suit makes it easy to feel less self-conscious. I love the cut, love the color, love the pattern, and love the quality!

In addition to the cute swimsuit, I also chose the cutest Kimono Dress coverup. This isn’t just cute fabric sewn in a cute pattern, it actually has sewn beads at the bottom that sparkle in the sun!

I felt incredibly chic as I walked around or sat poolside to watch my kids. Not being too long or too short, it’s the perfect sundress length. Although light and flowy, the fabric is also durable enough for me to be confident it will last for many swim seasons to come.

In addition to my previous Mom Bathing Suits review, SwimSpot is another option for cute suits and coverups that will help you feel less self-conscious during the sometimes-dreaded swimsuit season.