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Tips for New Moms: 5 Things That Could Be Triggering Your Back Pain

Women who have given birth are prone to have back pain. This is mostly associated with the physical and hormonal changes that take place during and after conception. However, these are not the only issues that attract back pain in moms. Below are some of the common triggers of back pain in women who just got into parenting.

1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women tend to experience an increase in weight. They add body weight in addition to the weight of the baby. This means that all this weight is exerted on her knees and muscles. Considering how the human body is structured, it ends up causing pain in the lower back muscles in an attempt to achieve balance. According to experts from Seattle Pain Relief, some people experience upper back pain alongside lower back pain. These may also be accompanied by several symptoms, including aggravation with movement, tenderness, and reduced range of motion.

The pain is more prevalent during pregnancy and may continue even after one has delivered. Medical experts say that exercising during and after pregnancy can help prevent this back pain. This makes it essential for new and expecting moms to engage in regular exercise under close supervision by their doctors.

2. Breast-Feeding

Breastfeeding can be a cause of back pain for mothers. Holding the baby up as they feed may cause strain in the back. While breastfeeding, you should sit with back support and proper positioning. Position your baby with pillows, so you don’t lean too much to nurse them.

3. Change In Hormonal Levels

As a pregnant woman nears delivery, the body releases progesterone and relaxing hormones. These hormones are meant to relax the joints of her pelvic bone to make delivery easier. However, even after delivery, these hormones might remain in the mother’s body and might trigger back pain. Also, if the woman has normal delivery, they push out the baby. At that particular moment, some of the muscles that have been stagnant for her whole life are brought to work and stressed out, which can also lead to back pain.

4. Lifting the Baby

One of the significant roles of a mother is ensuring the baby is as comfortable as possible. For this to happen, they need to continually be around the baby, checking up on them periodically. If this is not done right away, the mother will strain her back too much and trigger back pain. It’s essential to know the right way to lift your baby. When lifting your baby as a mother, you need to squat a bit. This transfers all the strain to your knees and puts less stress on your back.

5. Strenuous Work During and After Pregnancy

Bearing a child comes with its limitations. Women who are pregnant or have recently delivered should not involve themselves in strenuous activities. This eventually triggers back pain as the body is already trying to recover from the pregnancy’s stress.

New mothers need to know what might lead to back pain and avoid it. They are common and may occur frequently, especially after birth. The above are just some of the significant triggers of back pain women should know about.