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6 Postpartum Recovery Tips

For the past nine months or so, your body has been creating a baby, and after long hours of childbirth, you have finally delivered. Congratulations, you are now a mother! Now it is time for your body to recover. The next six weeks or so after childbirth are considered the recovery period. Even if you went through the pregnancy period with no problems and had an easy delivery, your body is stretched and stressed to the maximum, and it needs to recover. Read on for effective tips to help you recover quickly from giving birth, alleviate pain, and reserve some level of comfort in your life.

1.    Assist your perineum in healing

To help your perineum to heal, you should:

  • Ice the area every few hours for about 24 hours after delivery
  • Spray warm water over your perineum before and after peeing to preventing urine from irritating torn skin
  • Have sitz baths for about 15 minutes a couple of times a day to alleviate pain
  • Don’t stand or sit for extended periods
  • Sleep on your side

2.    Help your C-section scar heal

If you delivered through C-section, you would have an extra souvenir to take care of, a C-section scar. It would be best if you kept it clean to help it heal. Once a day, as you shower, clean it with soapy water. You don’t have to waterproof it. You shouldn’t scrub the scar rigorously either. Once done, dry it with a clean towel. When possible, expose your C-section scar to air. Air helps skin injuries to heal faster.

Although rare, sometimes you may develop an infection in the scar. Possible complications include:

  • A fungus that may result in sores or yeast infection
  • Inflamed tissues under the skin spreading to the near skin
  • Abdominal abscess or abscess

If there has been an infection, you should seek medical attention immediately. You should also file a medical malpractice lawsuit with the help of the Tinker Law Firm if you believe the complications were due to carelessness on the doctor’s part, which is mostly the case.

3.    Relieve aches and pain

If you are experiencing pain from pushing, acetaminophen can help to ease it. Massages, hot showers, or heating pads can help you to ease general achiness.

4.    Keep moving

Exercises are off-limits for the first few weeks if you delivered by C-section. Start with light exercises like walking around the house and eventually go for longer walks. You may also want to consult your doctor about what you can do and what you can’t.

5.    Kegel exercise

Kegel is an important exercise for your insides. They promote healthy healing of the strained or weakened pelvic muscles after delivery. It also helps to resolve post-delivery bladder control problems and make sex more enjoyable.

6.    Eat well

You may be tempted to go on a crash diet to lose baby weight quickly. However, this is not good for you and your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding. Aim to eat five to six small balanced meals every day and take at least eight glasses of water.


The post-delivery period can be exciting, overwhelming, and life-changing at the same time. The above tips will help you to take care of yourself and recover quickly as you take care of your baby.