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Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

As you all know I love makeup. And as you all also know, I am a Younique rep and have shared those 3d Fiber Lashes before that everyone loves!  But Younique has a ton more makeup available than just those lashes, the least of which are blushes and pigments that can be used for eye shadows and mixing up the perfect color for you.

That being said no matter how much we love our makeup pallets, if you purchase a group of makeup chances are you got a color that you don’t love or that seems to outlast all other colors.

OR you have a color that you DO love and wish you had another ways to match it.

I am here to help you with an easy, to the point, perfect Beauty DIY.

Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

What you need

All you do is scoop your pigments into your nail polish till the desired color is reached! I used white nail polish as a base, but you could use clear or clear with sparkles. I will update at a later date with pictures of those. These are “blushers” which I used because I love pinks!

Create DIY Custom Nailpolish colors with younique pigments and blushes, www.asyouniqueasyouare.com


Now as you can tell the mixture came out a beautiful pink, which I am going to name “Charlotte’s Pink“. The reason the blushers are so dark and the nail polish isn’t, is basically due to the level of saturation that I put in a brand new bottle. If you are looking for a darker nail color, try not to use a brand new bottle because the color will spread. We love the way it turned out!

You can purchase these blushers here if you like our pink creation or check out the infamous 3d lashes here!


4 thoughts on “Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments”

  1. I have seen this done on Pinterest with other loose pigments. I wonder how it affects the nail polish. Surely it would change the texture?? It looks like it worked pretty well for you 🙂

    I found you through the BeYouTiful link up.


  2. What a neat idea! My girls would love to try something like this, it would be fun for a girls’ night where we get silly and do facials and all that stuff.

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