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3D Fiber Lashes: Do they really work?

3D Fiber lashes are a new trend to help make your lashes as long and luxurious as your husbands (darn those men!). But do they work? Recently one of my friends joined a direct sales company called Younique. It’s a newer company and they sell products like brushes and mineral makeup like eye shadow, blush, and a slew of other things. Being a makeup fiend she asked me if I would be interested in testing it out and I said sure. Pretty much everyone I know is in a perpetual state of searching for the world’s best lashes and her company has a product called “3D fiber lashes.”  What the heck, send em over.

I have used similar products with Blinc (which I adore) but I was still unsure what to expect. You are likely reading this because you are asking yourself one of the follow questions:

  1. Do Fiber Lashes really work? – Pretty well, although Tubes are another great option and do not come off
  2. Does Younique actually work? – Yes
  3. Do Fiber Lashes stay on? – Mostly
  4. Are there other Fiber Lash options? – Yes
  5. Are 3D Fiber Lashes Waterproof? – No

The Younique kit with the lashes arrived in a case with a “transplanting gel” and a “fiber lash”. This part is important…the transplanting gel is NOT mascara. I made the mistake the first few days I used it in thinking the gel was actually mascara and could not figure out the reason my results were not as strong as the advertisements the company made. Using the gel and lashes alone does work and you can wear it that way, but if you want dramatic lashes, you need to pair it up.

3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Packaged in two separate bottles, the Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers are used together to enhance and magnify your OWN lashes. Watch your lashes transform into something you only dreamed of! A 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural. Potentially “mood-altering” 3D Fiber lashes will quickly become your favorite makeup accessory!

Then I tested 3d Fiber Lash Mascara out with mascara on one eye and a light bulb went off.

(this is why you read instructions on things first kids)

  • Left eye (facing the picture) is transplanting gel + fiber lashes
  • Right eye (facing the picture) is my mascara + the fiber lashes

3D Fiber Lashes: Do they really work?


Younique 3D Mascara Review Younique 3D Mascara Review


I think the difference is pretty obvious.

Now that I had it all figured out, I used it today with my normal mascara (I wear Lorac Pro) and added the fiber lashes via the wand (I skipped the transplanting gel)  and the results were great!

Application is simple.

Step 1: Apply your mascara

Step 2: Apply Fiber lashes. They go on like mascara with a wand.

(not my shot, this belongs to the company)

Fiber Lashes Review


Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Ready for Long Lashes? Get them without going false!


What about Youniques Mineral Makeup?

I also tested small samples of the mineral makeup.

I want to say that this past year I have tended to shy away from mineral makeup. My son has discovered how to take the lids off and let’s just say mineral makeup is VERY VERY messy when a 2 year old gets a hold of it. I quite literally threw away 15 containers of Bare Essentials just a few weeks ago.

I also find that the little dust particles from the minerals fall on my cheeks during eyelid application and I end up cleaning off more than I put on. That being said, if you do love using mineral makeup, it says that their Pigment Powder is 100% natural, free of chemicals, free of talc, oils and preservatives so I suggest giving it a try. At only $10, the investment is very reasonable.

This is me sampling “curious” and “flirty”.

Fiber Lashes, Are they the real thing?


My final thoughts?

I really like them. In the beginning I thought I was gonna come here and tell y’all that they were just alright and not worth the $29 price tag. Now that I realize you have to put on mascara first, I find them to be really pretty, give a wide dramatic look, and they stay on the entire day (just like regular mascara application).  They are water proof but come off easily in the shower and overall a fantastic product to keep in your makeup kit.

I also recommend using Lorac Pro along side them if you like this look, which you can pick up on Amazon or their new Lorac Pro Fiber! I am not sure how many other Fiber brands there are, but I feel like keeping some in your makeup kit is a good thing.

What other Companies can I buy Fiber Lashes from?

I have not personally tested out other fiber lash brands, but there are many out there to choose from, here are some great choices for you to look into!

  1. Check out Lash Extender II here  by DivaDerm
  2. Lash Factory
  3. The Lash
  4. Mia Adora
  5. L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes 
  6. Vixen Lash
  7. Better than False by Too Faced
  8. Best in Faux by Tarte
  9. Purchase 3d Fiber Lashes by Younique here.

 Commonly asked Younique 3D Lashes Questions

  1. What do Younique 3D Lashes Cost: Currently they are $29 plus shipping.
  2. Are there any tips to application of them? Some like to use mascara with them, but always make sure they are sealed or they will flake off easier.
  3. Are 3d Lashes Waterproof? Nope! They will come off. If you want water proof lashes that are similar, google mascara with tubes. These are fibers.
  4. Will I get a discount if I am a rep for Younique? Sadly no!

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71 thoughts on “3D Fiber Lashes: Do they really work?”

  1. Lost a lot of lashes on kemo. To top it off I have developed “slight” Parkinson’s
    Just my Younique followed direction–2layers and my lashes bushed against my lashes. This is a blessing
    On soc. sec so hoping I didn’t waste my money, I’m thrilled!!! No I wud like to collect some shadows and blush.

  2. My sister started selling for this company a few weeks ago. Once she got her starter kit she wanted to have me try the 3D Fiber Lash. I am a pretty plain looking woman, and don’t wear much makeup. After following the steps to put it on I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with it. I wear it every day now. I have also expanded into some of their Mineral Pigments and eye liner because I have a hard time with my eye shadow and eye liner not holding up. I have gotten so many compliments and people definitely notice a difference. The lashes are fun and flirty. The eye liner stays on all day ( I have even fallen asleep without taking my makeup off and it still looked flawless in the morning!). At first, I thought this makeup was too expensive and that it wouldn’t do much different than normal products that are readily available at stores, but after a few weeks of wearing it I can tell you that it is worth it and you should try it! But follow the proper steps. If you don’t then you will run into problems with clumping and/or fibers getting on your face.

  3. Trying to get thick long eye lashes… I’ve been trying forever and just started putting vitamin e on my clean eye lashes every night befor bed I really have been seeing a diffrence.ur eyelashes need to be cleaned and conditioned just like ur hair.

  4. I purchased this product a few days ago & after a few hours the fibers were all over my face, I constantly had to be wiping them off. Not happy with product:(

  5. I purchased this recently and am having product flake everywhere. I use the gel first and then the fibers and then gel again. Why is this stuff flaking everywhere. It makes my lashes beautiful and very long but at the end of the day I have black specks on cheeks, under eyes and even on nose. Help please!!

  6. I really wanted to love this product but by the end of the day I have either lashes on my cheeks or the mascara has run. I have even tried putting on my waterproof mascara at the end.
    I first put on my regular mascara, the gel, the 3D lashes, the gel again. Had lashes on my cheeks a few hours later.
    Next time I put on all of the above but then also put on my waterproof mascara at the end, in the hopes that it wouldn’t run, had smudges under my eyes later on that night.
    Really disappointed as I wanted this to work for me Any suggestions?

    • My guess is you have too much going on. Try just the gel, then the fiber, then the gel to finish it off and let dry completely. If you prefer to use your mascara, do mascara, fiber, and then gel to seal it. With your extra mascara, gel AND lashes its possibly weighing you down too much.

  7. I can’t tell when you posted this, but I’m wondering how long one $29 tube lasts if you apply it daily. Have you been using it daily? If so, how long did the tube last (or how long has it lasted you so far)? Thanks!!

    • I published this article in October last year and am still personally using the same tube. I use it every time I wear mascara, but I dont wear mascara every day..a few times a week.

  8. i thought i would give my eyelash extensions a break and try out these same Fiber Lashes. Two days later I threw it in the drawer and had my extensions put back on. Guess you can say it didnt meet my expectations. Eyelash extensions are far better in my opinion.

  9. I don’t normally post on blogs but I had to take the time to say I have tried many different mascaras varying in price and brand in search of that long and full lash look. I was obviously not blessed with beautiful lashes. I have also used falsies on special occassions. I heard about the 3D lashes from a friend who told me she had tried it and loved it. This is the only product that has worked for me. It is easy to apply and just as easy to wash off. I absolutely love it. Nothing I have ever tried has given me the look that I can now get with the 3D lashes. I do get some of the fibers falling on my eyes at times but that is no different than any other product. I am not a salesperson. I just wanted to post the comment to help anyone searching for fuller looking lashes from wasting their money on other products that promise and don’t deliver.

    • To aviod the fibers slowly falling a little through out the day, when your finished go back over your lashes with the gel again or your mascara. Just to “seal” the fibers in.

  10. I thought for sure this stuff wouldn’t work. I finally tried it and fell on love with it. I’m not a sales person but I knew instantly I had to spread the word. We’ve all tried expensive mascaras and they never live up to their claims. This mascara really does work an dive started using some of their other products. It’s not a rip off, if you have trouble with fibers flaking then you need to use more transplanting gel;). Their Brilliant moisturizer is pricey but has been the most amazing product for my sons eczema, truly the ONLY product that has ever worked.

    • Magan,

      thanks for your testimonial! If you need any assistance or have friends that are looking to purchase, I am happy to help. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

      • Thank you, I actually started selling Younique products almost immediately. It been less than a month but I’m liking it. I don’t usually post on blogs and such but I truly love this mascara and so far everything I’ve tried from Younique’s line.

  11. Just got my Younique 3D Lashes and I LOVE them!!! Best 35.00 I ever spent!! I’ve found my new mascara!!!

  12. I have been thinking about joining since im a single mom and need the money really bad. Is it worth it? I don’t want to fully commit if its a waste of time. I just want to do my full research before starting. Any tips or advice? Thank you in advance.

    • Jennifer,

      I think its very smart for you to take time to research if this is the right company for you. I encourage you to learn more about my team by going to http://www.AsYouniqueAsYou.com , where I have compiled information on the company as well as some information about myself as a leader. This is also my blog here that you are on, but I separated some of my Younique info to make it easier. I am happy to give you a call at your earliest convenience if that would make it easier.

  13. Heidi must be doing something wrong because mine sure didn’t flake off and I even slept with them on to see if they would fall all over the pillow during the night. NOPE! They still look just like they did when I put it on and I have NOT lost any fiber.

  14. Heidi, how were you applying them? If you don’t apply the transplanting gel both before AND after applying the fibers, they will flake. Might that be the problem?

  15. I used some and at first I thought there was ok but then later on in the day the fibers flaked off into my eyes and really drove me crazy. I’ve tried it a few more times and I just really can’t get the tarantula leg lashes like the other girls plastered all over my Facebook wall do. I think I’ll stick with a cheaper brand that works better and doesn’t flake off into my eyes and blind me later on in the day. No thanks. This stuff is a rip off.

  16. I just ordered this, so excited! I have naturally long lashes, but they are getting thinner. I use, religiously, Loreal Voluminous mascara! I love it because it’s not too “wet”. My question to you, Trisha, is the Lorac Pro mascara a “wet” mascara? Thinking of trying it out! Oh and NO matter if I am glamming it up or going more casual, I love dramatic lashes always! That’s just me!

  17. Nooo. Natural is better. Nobody likes thick looking clumpy spider eyes. Save your 30 $. The only people that like it is yourself. Nobody else cares what you look like. And I don’t mean that rude. I mean people form opinions about you on how you act and how you treat others. Nobody says…oh your eyelashes are so thick you must be a great person.

  18. Sorry if this posts twice, I’m having issues! So my lashes point down, not up like normal people! Would this product work for my lashes? I would love to be able to not perm them anymore! Thank you so much!

  19. My lashes are average length, however they point down, not up, would this product make them turn up or just weigh them down even more?

  20. I was a real skeptic! But after talking to a friend and her mom who use and love it, I decided to give it a try! I’m so glad I did! I don’t use my regular mascara anymore, unless I want some real dramatic results. I love the way my lashes feel with the 3D fiber mascara!!!

  21. I bought this and the gel that came with it is dry. Therefore when I put the fibers on and put the gel on overtop to seal them, they come off because the gel is dry… the brush pulls all the fibers back off. I have emailed the rep and she is ignoring my emails. Not too happy with Younique so I will be posting my comments whatever I can as this is quite expensive and I would like other people to be aware

    • Kris, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I was having a problem with the gel drying to quickly and what I did was add some water to it. I am very picky about my wand it is hard to find the right shaped wand to work on my lashes so what i did was started using my mascara wand. I hope that helps some. Give it another shot. It took me quite a few times before I got it down.

  22. I have been using this forms few weeks now and I still cannot perfect it. My lashes stick together and my lash comb does not go through them. The look seems just as dramatic as my regular mascara. I’m hoping I am just doing something wrong because I ordered two out of pure excitement!! I have followed the directions to a tee……..please help!!!!!!

  23. This product does just what it says it does. I have very blond eyelashes and use waterproof mascara because I have such oily skin that regular mascara gets smudgy by the end of the day. I used my regular mascara and the fiber lashes and they worked great. I was afraid of getting fibers in my eyes because I wear contacts but that hasn’t happened once. I had an online party and earned points toward the purchase of other products. Try them… you will like them.

  24. I want to try this! I’ve never worn false eyelashes (just don’t think I could apply them) and as I get older my lashes aren’t as long or as full as they used to be. :/

  25. I’m impressed that the fibers don’t get in your eyes. By looking at the company picture I was thinking no way would I want that any where near my eyes. It sounds so easy to use and with me it’s got to be easy or forget it. Still not sure I would want to spend that much. I’d have to be really impressed. I must say they did look great on you so maybe I would give it a try.

  26. I have tried fiber lashes before and was very pleased with the results. However, they can be messy and if you are not careful they can get in your eyes 🙁 That happened to me! Love your results, Trisha!

  27. I love the lashes! Here’s a weird question. If you wear the lashes, do you wear them every day or just special occasions when you want to look your best? I feel like if I had them, it would be an all or nothing kind of thing where I wear them all the time or not at all. Just curious on your thoughts.

    • Cindy, for me its never all or nothing when it comes to makeup. I have red lipstick in my bag but only use it once a month,kwim? I wear big makeup like this on date nights with my spouse but going to Charlottes horseback riding lessons I go bare or with minimal makeup. I think its just a personal choice when it comes to makeup. I do not keep a TON of makeup on hand though. Just a few different palettes/looks and stick to the natural or the dramatic. Im not the girl that can make 400 diff makeup looks. I do know some that can and its talent, that is for sure.

      • I’m not a 400 different makeup look gal either! I keep it simple and classic most of the time. I’ve only tried lashes once and loved them but felt like it might be too much for a daily basis. Great post!

  28. Do the fiber lashes come off easily like on your face? And do they wash off ok? Is it a product you will continue to use? I’m really interested in trying them!

    • Surprisingly they do not. When I apply them on my mascara a tiny fiber or two will fall on my cheek (but thats out of like 60 that are sticking to the wand so its pretty impressive). I have not noticed more than 1 or 2 and I have been testing this for over a week on a daily basis. They wash off fine. The mascara I use is really hard core, so that requires cleanser to get off, but the fibers slide off w/ water and your hand. This look for ME is not an every single day look. Its a full made up look to go on a date night. If I was advising you on makeup, Id say have a sexy look like this and a simple look like w/ the Blinc mascara. Blinc does a tubed mascara and I think every woman should have it in her bag. Blinc needs only water to remove. Once you use it you will be like “where have you been my whole life”…but at the same time its not dramatic, so I like this look a lot too.

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